Theory fighter, using Pandora as a punish

I haven’t played the game yet, but I just thought I’d post about an idea I had to make Pandora useful.

Say you have no meter, and your opponent wiffed an uppercut or raw launcher.

If you have say Zangief in the back, and you know his super will kill, you could activate Pandora, get the infinite meter and then do Zangief’s super.

If played with that gem that increases damage during Pandora, and with Pandora coming out in 0 frame, it could make any opponent’s mistake while the opponent has less that 50% health the end of the round!

It’s not that simple Clock time gem activation and pandora clock it’s very tricky

Is meter infinite in pandora?I thought it just recharge, don’t stock still need to build?

It’s infinite, but if you start with no meter the meter bar would have to charge up. And yes, the stocks just keep refilling.

By the time your meter fills up wouldn’t your opponent recover then?

Yeah most likely. This would only be really viable if you started with like 2 bars. Or depending on what you’re punishing exactly.

I’ve YET to use Pandora. Heck, i’m still learning the game as a whole :slight_smile:

If you’re right up on the opponent when you activate pandora, your partner comes in behind where they were at, this means the only way you get free hits is if you use a fast long range attack or the attack you blocked before using pandora had forward momentum to carry them into your range. Also iirc you can’t pandora out if block stun

if you wait for any bar most supers kill you. pandora is very limited, and unless you already have a life lead or plan a matches gems around pandora it will not do enough extra damage on its own to kill a character, it very much depends on their health. At most times you are honestly better punishing with a super or a strong combo then relying on pandora, but as we know the first week has barely passed.

I thought when you go into Pandora mode, you instantly get a full meter regardless of how much you had before, and once you start spending it, it would then have to recharge?

WOW I am definately going to mess with this when I get in the house (later at 10pm :confused: ) Punishing uppercuts and unsafe stuff with Pandora when they are low on life and see how much damage I can get … it may be iffy but I am still gonna try it out and see what happens :smiley:

it starts to fill when the character actually comes out. if im not mistaken you can do it JUST a bit after initiating. I used it twice, once because the enemy was one hit from dying and i finished them with poisons super. one time it killed ( i had some meter) the other time i died in the middle of my super though it connected (the time with more health)

there are a few hitting (non-grab) supers that have crazy fast startup.

Julia’s, for example, has a 1 frame startup and pretty good range.

so theoretically you could wait til you block a sweep or something that’s -1 on block or more, then Pandora Julia in and go right into Super (assuming you have 2 bars to begin with). with the Pandora gem (+30%) and the natural Pandora damage increase, you could pry get at least 500

First thing I want to do is make sure I can Pandora Punish all the Shoto N00bs that like to uppercut tatsu and fireball recklessly that I run into online just for kicks … I am thinking that I can punish fireballs with Hwoarang’s Special step into pandora into nina’s super super (cause that happens to be the second person I am using I forgot what her super startup look like already cause I just started using her today before I left the house lol)… does that seem like it will work I can’t try it till I get home