Theory Fighter: v.2012 tiers (as of currently revealed stats.)

If there is one thing SRK loves to do, it is argue and theory fight. So, lets combine them and try and figure out based solely on theory and number crunching where characters are going to move around in the tiers!

Looking at the changes, I think they succeeded in getting rid of any S ranks. Cody and Fei might be A+ depending on how much the rekka changes and damage changes for Fei play out and how much speed Cody actually gained in movement. Yun and Yang def dropped from S rank down to A, with Yun being Mid A still but Yang as low A. Makoto dropped entirely out of the A bracket and into mid B, mostly due to other characters improvements rather than her own changes. Abel is def moved up to Mid-Low A and Hakan might be High B now depending on the duration of match start oil.

I would rather wait and see how its changed after playing it.
Tier lists mean little to my LOW-level play

Viper is still the same while everyone else got raped. So uhh… I think Viper is top.

Well, only really Yun and Yang got “raped” Fei got toned down, Akuma got toned down, and Makoto is a weird position where noone is sure how good she will be due to everyones elses buffs (esp turtle characters)

She did get nerfed a small amount, but more importantly there were buffs for other characters. Abel, and Cody most noticeable for potential problems for her. Also the return of Honda’s LP headbutt invincibility I imagine might be an issue. I don’t think she is going to be so clear cut as the “top” character, Fei is still strong and a bad matchup for her, and lots of characters she had problems with in Super are stronger now than in AE.

True story. She’s IMO top 1-5

Cody still doesn’t have a proper reversal on untechable knockdown. Akuma and grapplers will still give him problems

His badspray changes help, though.

Viper and Seth both top tier. You heard it first.

Yun, Fei and Akuma are still gonna be in top 10, but it’s too early to give tier positions other than the Top ones, which are already pretty evident IF capcom doesn’t change more stuff after the loctests.

I’d wait before calling Cody top tier, lol. IF they give him a really good walking speed boost then perhaps, otherwise he’s still gonna be in the middle of the pack and will still get raped by top tiers like viper, seth and akuma anyways. Hell he’ll be pretty free to mixups even if they give him a good walk speed. His wakeup is just too bad and his only usefull “get off me” move costs 3 meter.

I’d say Viper, Ken and Cody (yeah he has bad matchups but it doesn’t really matter in a matchup based tier list) are gonna be top tier , of course this without seeing how some of the buff to people like Hakan and Evil Ryu are gonna play out.

Honestly, by looking at the cody changes the only thing that truly makes him better is the improved walkspeed. The other changes are really marginal and aren’t gonna help him much. We just have to see how much his walk speed improved.

gouken gonna be top 1 tier

People rate the twins wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy higher than they deserve. They are strong but they have never been remotely unbeatable. In particular while Yun is certainly S tier along with Fei Long I think whether or not Yang is on the same level as both of them is a big question, considering how all the Yang players in America are dead. I dare say that the long list of nerfs is likely to reduce Yun to mid tier while Yang could very well be low tier or worse. Really ridiculous decision from Capcom for both of these characters.

Akuma didn’t just get toned down, he got the Cammy treatment and has much of the options removed from him. Viper likely will remain strong, Fei Long less so but not to the point of being mid tier.

But yeah, my guess is the Ken/Sagat/Zangief(people seem to be sleeping on his buffs)/Cody looks like the new top tier.

Sagat, Fei, Ken, Yun, and Viper will be top 5. Not much movement overall with more tightening of placements and blurring of the tiers.

Neither does Makoto but she got nerfed and got the “girls need to be less health” tax that Capcom has yet to justify. Seriously, I bet if the character was male Makoto would have 1k health. Capcom hasn’t ever had a female char with high health, pretty sure Makoto is the only one to ever have average health.

Outside of grapplers and akuma though Cody’s matchups got a lot better, his OVERALL matchups shot up like a rocket while a select couple stayed the same.

Hakan is def a wild card, his standings along with imo Makoto and Juri have a chance to swing pretty wildly into a different position depending on how important the other characters buffs turn out to be. Juri / Hakan def going up and Makoto def going down but it could be just a couple steps or it could be pretty massive.

I am a VERY low-tier player, but if Ken is buffed to the degree you all seem to believe he is I will be quite happy.


Ken wasn’t buffed much at all. (+10dmg on his EX SRK and a useless buff to his target combo noone uses.) the thing is that he was already extremely good and is still extremely good.

Viper and Sagat are going to be the best characters in the game.

They went way too far with the Yun and Yang nerfs. Yang especially. Oh well hey, I’m more annoyed about the dive kick changes than any of the other stuff, that really puts me off playing them. (I only did for fun, though, I main Dudley)

Edit: oh and Zangief, Viper, Sagat, Zangief for top 3. Not sure why they buffed him further.

Well you can delay it now, so possible CH from crouch teching, so not that useless?

Wait for the game’s release guys. We still don’t know what the stealth nerfs/buffs are.

A new challenger appears!

Also now I think about it. They should put Predator in MK9, he’d fit in even better than Krueger.