Theory: Goutetsu Hidden Character in USF4 (Spoilers for SF: Assassin's Fist)


Disclaimer: this is a theory based on the recent release of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. It is not based on any statement by Capcom or any leaked info.
Disclaimer 2: this thread contains spoilers for SF: Assassin’s Fist, the new web series OK’d by capcom and produced by Machinima.

Based on the contents of SF: Assassin’s Fist (an awesome film for any SF fan), it seems possible that Goutetsu is a hidden character in USF4, or at the very least his moveset is determined for a future SF game.

The series stringently adheres to video-game movesets for special moves. However, the show gave Goutetsu very specific moves during his fight with Akuma. Goutetsu hasn’t been playable in any SF game to date. As a result, you’d expect the creators to stick to generic Ansatsuken techniques (hadouken, tatsu, shoryuken) to stay safe with lore. But they didn’t. Gouken used a bunch of moves you wouldn’t necessarily think he’d have, including two brand-new moves.

This represents the only would-be departure that the series makes for character movesets. Which makes it possible that Capcom actually told the creators what Goutetsu’s moveset is or would be.

He uses the following moves during his fight with Akuma, enough to fill a movelist:

(1) Hadouken

(2) Gouken’s Senkuugoushouha - although he doesn’t say the name of the move, he does the exact same motion as Gouken does throughout the series

(3) A spin-kick where he shouts “Tatsumaki” alone ala Ex-Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku.

(4) A new move whose name I didn’t catch, but it was something-puukyaku. Possibly a super or a variation on Tatskumaki Senpuukyaku, like Gouken’s Tatsumaki Gorasen. He spins the opposite direction in the film.

(5) Metsu Hadouken. Likely Ultra 1.

**(6) **A new move called “Metsu Koushouken(?)” - it looks like Senkuugoushouha, but when he connects purple energy (looking the same as the energy that comprises Metsu Hadouken) flies out of his palm

Obviously this isn’t hard and fast proof. But it could be a big hint. The show is scrupulous about following the game for other movesets. Goutetsu’s moveset either is a massive deviation from this pattern, where the creators took extreme liberties in an otherwise very canon-reserved film, or is actually what Goutetsu’s moveset is. And if Capcom fleshed out his moveset already, it would be for USF4. That makes me think Goutetsu is hidden in the same way Oni and Evil Ryu were hidden in the original AE release.

I’m not claiming this is hard proof. But it’s a neat quirk in the series that I hope is a teaser for enormously cool things to come. Please have fun discussing whether you agree/disagree that this is indicative of anything.


Goutestu is dead. There was no room for interpretation.


Haven’t seen it, but they just made up moves to make the character interesting and not jsut some generic Ryu/Ken clone.
it isn’t the first time a movie/Show/Fan base/Fan made film or game did this.


So is Bis… Never mind.


Gouken was dead too. That hardly disqualifies Goutetsu. Not that he’s in the game mind you.


He isn’t in the game cuz lazy capcom,but he could easily be if capcom wants to


True, Capcom can change things if they wish. However, the OP is citing Assassin’s Fist as evidence. You don’t see Gouken die in Assassin’s Fist, but you see a very dead Goutetsu.


I wasn’t citing the plot of Assassin’s Fist as evidence. I was citing their treatment of special moves compared to the game as evidence.

Plus, by now, everyone knows dead doesn’t mean dead in SF. Bison and Gouken being the most egregious examples.

And I’m not so sure being dead categorically excludes the character from being playable anyway. There’s no hard and fast rule saying that, aside from all of the characters happening to be alive. Goutetsu’s story could just be a prologue type thing.

Finally, story logic again doesn’t bar character inclusion. All of the 3s characters are included according to their 3s appearances. Makoto is the most egregious, since she should be a single-digit age.

Bottom line, the fact that he clearly died in Assassin’s Fist has no bearing on the moveset teaser presented in that fight. Nor does it necessarily preclude him from being playable just because he’s dead.


he appeared way back before Assassin’s fist in the OAV street fighter : alpha generation wich is Produced by Capcom , Assasin’s fist is influenced by this OVA, even though they dont cover the exact timeline and cast , Alpha generation goes a bit more forward

alpha generation is the best animation adaptation IMO, i really enjoyed Assassin’s fist too


Move 3 and 4 is Tatsumaki Tensho Senpukyaku (I think). And I don’t see Goutetsu making an appearance in USF4, but I’m really hoping SFV is an option. I already have theories about bringing him back along with Rose and Gill (involving a time-travelling plot with Ingrid as a DLC). Anyway, I have a lot of theories but that’s all they are ATM. Sorry for plodding but I am just very interested in SF right now.