[theory] non-mad beast cartwheel chip-finite



I figure that If you can 236 M, 22s, really fast, you can’t get out of it unless you burn x-factor and grab. Might be worth looking into :stuck_out_tongue:


pushblock punish?


carthweel puts you back next to them after the pushblock.


No it doesn’t. Pushblock puts them far enough away so that they can do whatever they want to leave. Infact two carts pushblock push you back to midscreen.

The reason the Madbeast Flip/Cart infinite works is because each of her specials are canceled via a Feral dash which negate pushblock.

Please test out theory before posting about it, and this could of easily went in the Tech discussion instead of a seperate thread.

Ah well.


I giggled at the thread title. Silly


didnt have access to my xbox so I couldnt, thanks for the insight though


didnt have access to the lab, just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:


yo rice this is usefull for your jill/strange/ammy team, because if you have them pressured in the corner, call ammy, and do two of them, it’ll just buy enough time to get them locked down by ammy.


The other reason madbeast flip / cart works is, Jill is unaffected by pushblock even if you don’t feral dash out of her moves in Mad Beast.


It’s not useful, I could just feral plink Cold star in anyway. Using Cartwheel like this only increases your chances of being punished.

Well technically what happens is this.

In Madbeast Jill cancels her Specials with a Dash, then into the normal so it looks something like this (a simple flip/cart loop). Her feral Dash is completely anti-pushblock, so Jill becomes completely anti-pushblock when she cancels her stuff.

Flip Kick–>Feral Dash–>Cart

In reality you only see this though



But try it, enter madbeast, stand next to the dummy on always pushblock, hit H and see what happens. She gets pushed back maybe even a small amount if that. This is what I mean. Not that you’re dashing to cancel out the pushblock.


Yeah Lamu, I just tested it. You’re completely right.

Ugh, disregard my stupidity:sweat: