"Therapist's secret training routine revealed"

He had no idea i was recording:


Excellent soundtrack ^^

Now everyone will know my new secret technique asshole. :frowning:

Therapist also didn’t know Flare was recording him posting that response


what a beast

i fear for flare’s life

Too bad Ryu,Ken,Gouki, just dp for free after you comit to the shin-gouki-satsu. :wonder:

But it is decent trap against certain characters in certain situations.

Edit did not mean Sean: He can not escape.

No one with a decent amount of functionnal nerve cell will punish that with a DP…
Anyway, thread wasn’t created to give us a new terrific tactic…

You can dp after black screen with lazy timing…it is not hard at all if you know it is availble to you. If you do not know you eat shin-gouki-satsu for nothing.

Practice mode is an option.

Of course you can, you can also LP him, throw him, demon him, kkz him, etc.
All of these are doable and not really hard at all…

But this wasn’t the point of my first answer…

you can DP a point blank kara demon???

from what it looks like and what i ve been told:

*if you didn t press up before the superflash, when gouki kara demons, you re fucked.
*if you see the superflash of the kara, its too late to jump, let alone DP.
*if you DPd before seeing the superflash, where you re already in the air, you ll just hit the kara move or randomly DP a blocking opponent.
*even if you DP before the superflash of the kara demon from point blank, if its the proportion thats not in the air yet, demon beats that part of the DP.
*if thats the properties of the kara demon, thats like saying you saw chun super and jumped/DPd after the superflash or you saw ken super at point blank and jumped/DPd after the superflash.

can any gouki that understands the properties confirm this?

Saisyu is wrong. Anything to counter a proper demon must be done before the super flash. End of discussion.

No your wrong.

The vid shows ryu “parrying a crouching fierce” an then gouki goes into shin-gouki-satsu. You can escape from that. DP’s are throw&attack grab invincible, the demon in the japanese guide groups it into the class of attack grab. Disadvantage on parried fierce is 2 frames you recovery from parry stun before he grabs allowing you to input DP.

The one thing you are right on is common knowledge but some what of a secret.

The reason you can not escape empty kara demon point blank range is because during the black screen you cannot input any commands for 50 frames" which kills your DP opportunity" and the demon after the black screen is full body invincible 1st~5th frame and the grab is active on frame 2. Even if you could rip the motion you still would not get it out before he grabs you. You can not jump out because the average jump start-up in 3rd strike is 4 frames but because of the screen freeze of 50 frames you will not be able to input the jump command to be off the ground on frame 4 thus you get grab even if you hold up your command is not accepted because of the 50 frame screen SD “static-distortion”.


#1) If you parry the fierce you can escape with DP.
#2)If they empty cancel into demon and you did not commit to dp or the correct attack with invincible frame to throw before black screen you can not escape ie: dp, jump, super, ect.

What is my source…
Gamest Mook Vol 196.-Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Repetition Step/Foreget-basic-not

Whatever you do must be done before the super flash, period. Whether it be jump or DP.

My mistake, since beginning of thread, i thought video shows an srk cancel into demon…don’t know why…too much alcohol i guess…

Anyway…Therapist is right, if you can punish a SGS with a SRK, it’s either:

  • you have commited SRK at least one frame before black screen (or maybe on the same frame of beginning of black screen, didn’t test it)
  • SGS wasn’t at point blank

Black screen doesn’t kill any motion, you can commit it on the first frame after it. Though, in this case, if demon was point blank, you will still be grabbed.

So basically:

  • #1: yes, if you have committed srk during the 2 frames advantages of your parry, which means doing motion before parry and demon, and commiting in the 2 frames after, also before demon, so absolutly no possibility to srk or commtiting it on reaction…this is obviously wrong if you’re able to input and commit srk in 2 frames, and i’m not even talking about reaction time…
  • 2#: that’s what he said…

I think the real question is where did goukuma get that sweet metal song from???

Megadeth - Take no prisoners, covered by some guy…

thats what she said.

i think we re missing the hidden message of the video: “fuck you”/ “go fuck yourself”/“he s right, you shouldn t play favorites…”/“suck my dick”

flare confirm?

What’s the matter, you don’t like tea?

Latest training video

So I found an even more disturbing video of Therapist in action…