There can be only one!

Moron whom spells bored as board edit:

I’m bored out of my mind so I’m forcing SRK to choose for my entertainment.

BTW there is no wrong answer here.

Read the dictionary.


You’re board out of your mind? :rofl:


how dare you edit my spelling whilst i was creating my pole!!! Now vote!



AS has more attractive features than LC. verdict? **neither **gets my vote :cool:

common common desert island?

no vote means no vote. there can be only NONE. :cool:

in this context, it is spelled poll

I continue to stand by my suggestion. :coffee:

Yes…VS THREAD. We the new age of heroes begin? SRKHAOS OF THE 90’S REIGN SUPREME?


Yeah but in this context it can’t be won by Jack Bauer (correct spelling you fucks?) or Batman.

I agree. The original post is so full of wrong that there isn’t any left for the rest of us. Take, for example, the incorrect use of “whom” instead of “who.”

Voted for the one with a nude pic in the first page of google image search results.