There Can Only Be One Winner! (The Evo Prediction Thread)


But they need to go through a hell of a top eight first. Who do you think makes it to top eight? Who do you think plays in grand finals? who wins? Also who are the sleepers/dark horses? I would love to hear peoples’ opinions here on SRK.

I like these guys in top 8:
**Yipes **
**Flocker **(I dont remember if he is going or not, if not Pr Balrog)
Marlin Pie
Justin Wong
Chris G

Grand Finals:
Fchamp vs Marlin Pie

Winner- Marlin Pie
Dark horse - royal flush

Everyone has been grinding it out, but seeing Marlin playing at CEO, ECT, Cruleh Mustache and Shadowloo Showdown, I cannot deny his prowess. It wont be free but if Marlin can stay concentrated I think he takes EVO this year.


I don’t think fanatiq will make it to op 8 since pools is 2/3.


its only 4 games to win to get out of pools, I think he can easily do that. The rest of the tournament is 3/5 which is very doable for fanatiq.


Zak Bennett Top8 easy.


Combofiend is in his pool and he lost to him at CM. One of them is going to make it out in losers… or both of them.


Here are my picks for top 4
In no particular order

Filipino Champ
Chris G
Justin Wong

I really wanted to include Viscant on my list, but everytime I watch him play I still feel like he’s trying to play Vanilla.
He actually made a post saying something similar in the tier thread, so I guess I wasn’t too lost with my assumption.
I hope he parties real heard this week. He needs to enjoy those last days with the title of EVO Champ :lovin:


people still cant get around his reset, so why does it matter if hes playing vanilla? Wesker is still good, Lariat is still good and phoenix… is still phoenix. He makes top 8. To be honest I see him struggling to make it to top 8 but he makes it.


Chou, ABEGEN and Kubo have good chances to make top 8 and possibly win…far far far bigger chances than Viscant has, sorry.

At this point I see Viscant’s best placing might be around top 32.


I have to agree i was not impressed with his play this last curlah mustache


F Champ
Chris G
Marlin Pie

I expect to see them somewhere in the top 8. As for the other 3 spots, I can’t really say. Maybe Viscant if people don’t learn to beat his Vanilla tactics.



justin wong
filipino champ
chris g
marlin pie
noel brown
pr balrog


^this x9999999999999. Also, Clockw0rk for EVO Dark Horse.


While I’d love to see a Marlinpie GF, I think its going to be Chris G vs Justin. Justin has the best chance of taking this.


ChrisG, I hope he comes to EVO with all kinds of super lame morrigan stuff and beats the living daylights out of everyone. His morrigan is so fun to watch. Best overall player imo.


Emil, have you seen the pools? I’d say they were definites for top8, Chou and Abegen gunning for top 4 even. The only thing that may stop them from doing so is if they run into each (or their US counterparts) early.

This said, if I were to pick a Top 8 based of whom I think are the best players, Justin Wong, Abegen, Combofiend, Chris G, Filipino Champ, Chou, Dios X, Flocker and PR Rog (I said 9 lol). I just don’t know how the seeding’s going to play out, because I think some of the best players could eliminate each other earlier on… But based off the recent majors, I’d say Justin Wong’s in prime position to win it.

Edit: I Forgot about Yipes! Marvel’s too competitive lol. This is probably gonna be based on who runs into who first


Abegen and Chou are too animu to not be in at least top 8 unless they run into shit they can’t handle early in pools like Tokido did. Abegen most likely will be the other Kusoru that just mind fucks people until he gets top 8.

Definite candidates for top 8 outside of the Japanese include most of the US players mentioned like Fanatiq, Marlin Pie, Chris G, F.Champ etc. Zak I feel will get top 32 but not sure about top 8 for him.

Royal Flush is hardly a Dark Horse. Abegen is a more ideal version of Royal Flush’s team that has funky ass characters on the same team, but has better synergy and just focuses on going HAM for hits into TOD’s (instead of subpar damage).

Grand Finals will most likely be F.Champ vs. Chou or Justin Wong but it is UMVC3 so it could be an entirely different set of people.

He’s losing to a girl (on purpose?) on FGTV ATM so we’ll see.


I think this is Champ’s year.


Watching Zakk Bennett using his Firebrand/Ammy “unblockable” got a lot of people excited and he is a sick player but i say he is gonna get slaughtered at Evo, he has already shown his bag of tricks and these players learn fast. I really couldn’t predict who is gonna win this year gonna be amazing either way.

I hope I’m wrong about Zakk Bennett he is a UK player right?


H’es from the UK yeah. He’s another old 3S player like myself.


Is evo character lock or not. Character lock champ will lose early