There is a bug with counter



Ok, I’ve tested this like 500 times now, and there is definitely a bug with counters. If you are waiting for a move, and someone jumps in, if you time your movements differently than the game expects, you will block instead of counter.

I can throw counters with 99% accuracy in training mode. I can jump around, counter when I land, etc etc.

However, if bison for example is in the air and I throw my counter when my character would be ‘blocking’, the block will register instead of the counter. Is this caused by network lag or something? It happens so frequently it makes me want to bust my controller.

Scratch that, I already busted one. I had to go buy another yesterday at fry’s cause I hammerfisted my EX2 and broke the circuit board inside.


probably down to connection it just sounds like you using it to late if you ask me


Uh, if the move hits you while you’re holding back, then obviously you’re gonna block? And obviously you can’t counter if you’re in blockstun. You have to do the counter before the move actually hits you.

I mean, this sounds obvious as hell to say, but I’ve never run across this ‘bug.’


Dunno, I don’t have this problem. Then again, I pretty much play 4 or 5 bar matches or offline so…could be lag.


You and the dude who said you can chain 3 cr. lp into cr. lk into lk tatsu should get together and play.


I figured out that it is a lag issue. What was happening is that by the time they were attacking, it was only picking up the first ‘back’ motion. Now I just have to anticipate counters more (and also play only 4 & 5 bar matches!)