There is an Infiltration Imposter on the Street Fighter V leaderboards


Infil is sure becoming a popular gamertag, here’s the tweet regarding the fake Infiltration.

He’s got the name right, except he’s got the wrong nation and character.

What do you think about this imposter on CFN.

EDIT: I found out that this Infil is a bot, he plays with Dantarion a lot, also North Korea doesn’t have access to SF5.


I care enough to post “i couldn’t care less”.


That’s nice, honey. =)


Leaderboards are irrelevant


There’s two fake Daigos on SF4. Please make a thread for that too.


I’ve multiple accounts pretending to be Ricki Ortiz. Make threads for them too.


This is solid intel.


I’ll tweet it to Anderson Cooper right away.


Lol. I’ve seen him on. Lounge was packed. Couldn’t get it.