There is hope for edition select in endless mode


[details=Spoiler]I sure hope there is a Hyper SFIV that comes out as soon as possible. To be honest USFIV is boring as fuck, it’s only been out for a few months yet I feel like it is even more boring than Arcade Edition 2012. I mean, AE 2012 was already a finely balanced game, but with the edition of USFIV being an even more nerfed edition, makes this whole USFIV hype to wear off pretty damn quick. USFIV just feels like they nerfed all the strong characters, and buffed a few other characters like Claw Vega. That’s about it!

Sagat is ass, and what for? He was ONLY good when it was Vanilla SF4. You can’t even fireball game people like back in SF4 Vanilla, which sucks, because SF4 based itself upon SF2’s fireball zoning game.

I don’t even use Ryu or Sagat seriously as my main, I’m just saying I miss the days when it was these guys and many other dangerously strong characters were so fun to fight. Were they strong? Yes. Were they cheap? Not really. Just challenging and fun!

Hyper Street Fighter 2 was the edition where you can edition select as well, but people seem to play Hyper SF2 at tourneys and online.

That means SF4 should get the same treatment. We need a Hyper SFIV so we could play all editions of the best characters online or in tourneys.

Basically, Capcom putting the cap on the limiting you from playing Edition Select on endless, ranked, or any online mode, this exact restriction has trickling down effects on the SF4 community. It’s basically telling the SFIV tourney scene that Capcom just wants USFIV to be in the limelight, and that Hyper SFIV (edition select for online or tourneys) is a “niche” mode for only “offline casuals”

They’ve got it all backwards man. Hyper SFIV would be revolutionary.

So the question is, do you think Hyper SFIV sounds like the next installment to the SF4 series?[/details]



I’m completely serious :slight_smile:


Not sure if gr8 b8


SF4 is done. No more iterations are coming.


How about locking this thread?


This isn’t a joke. This sounds like a great idea. SF4 is not done. Capcom is gonna milk the shit out of it over and over until the very end. And this is nearly the end.

C’mon guys. Having a roster full of strong characters is much more exciting.


Seeing as no one is even trying to answer your question,for whatever reason (trolling, or insane fan boy nature for USF4),I will give my input.

I’ll admit that i have not played this game for a long time but looking at previous versions of SF4 it does kind of seem like everyone is getting weaker and the overall dmg output seems lower. Which to me kind of sucks because it makes watching games on twitch less exciting since the come back potentials in match are less likely with less dmg. I also find lower the dmg on alot of the cast makes an already slow paced game even slower which is already boring as hell to watch when you have matches like Guile vs Segat or some other fireball spammer x.x


You guys are insane. You just know Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo is coming out soon. 15% faster, can’t wait.


^ on a serious note, I would actually love that.


No. Fuck that. Enough of SF4s. They should have made SF5 a long time ago.


I would not be surprised at all if there was another balance-only update (ala AE2012), but I don’t think we’re going to see any new additions to the cast or anything involving new art assets unless USF4 sales become miraculously gigantic.


That’s pretty obvious because they don’t have anymore 3D models already made from any other cross over games. They’d actually have to do some work for a new SF4 release, and that isn’t happening. What’s easy though is 15% faster Turbo awesome mode! Count on it.


Hyper = Edition Select

Tourney wise I can see that happening for a at least a few occasions. An actual update to the game, tho? I certainly hope not. Always felt that SfxT was better anyway and that’s pretty much abandoned.


I also think this is the last one for SF4

With the newer consoles out, I can see them working on SF5 now. I would even prefer that over Tekken X SF


Besides, Capcom doesn’t have the money to make another SF game, let alone another iteration of SF IV.


you can tell this is the last iteration solely because of the Edition Select. that’s not something they’re gonna carry forward. But at least you newcomers know to wait until a few iterations of SF5 pass before buying in. I own vanilla and Ultra SF4, took a nice, long break in between, didn’t miss much


You guys should be open to the idea more!


bad game is bad, let it be bad and wait for sf5


Ultra Street Fighter IV: Super Turbo Definitive Edition HD Redux the Reckoning.