There is NO excuse for the online to be this bad

Seriously, it’s so unfortunate the game is as good as it is, yet the online play is so atrocious. It takes you forever to connect to someone, and when you finally do it’s a laggy, input delayed mess. SNKP dropped the ball horribly once again in introducing new players to the series. What the hell’s the point of making a game so good if you don’t give the people the capability to play it appropriately online? They want you to perform SF3 timing with MK netcode…ridiculous.

What the hell caused this mess anyway? It’s a g’damn 2D game, it’s not like it’s graphically intensive. So sad that I’m shelving this game and going back to other games for my fighting fix, because at least I can friggin play those games. Orange bars in SF3 OE play better than KoF 4 bars -___-

And unfortunately I don’t think the netcode is even repairable. I’ts like SNK gave us an amazing car but put it in a bumpy ass road so you can’t even appreciate how great it drives.


There’s a patch coming out for it soon I believe.

It’s getting patched, but I can understand your frustration. With netcode such as ggpo being available or other means (BlazeBlu I hear is amazing) there is no reason for it to have shipped like it is. Multiplayer is the only reason I even bought the game and I went online once and it was terrible to someone 1000 miles away but better vs a guy in hawaii. Random.

A mixedbag really, some people had decent time playing online, i had a decent experience in some lobbys (ranked is total garbage), but you are right there is not excuse for this.

I dunno, I’m usually able to have fun once I get into a match. I have to keep things simple usually, but it isn’t horrible in my opinion.

Ya just gotta find people that you have good connections with. I had to do the same thing in Marvel 3 and Third Strike Online. I’ve just accepted that most random matches are going to be laggy as hell, and that the only purpose for them is to eventually stumble upon good connections so you can add them to your friend’s list.

Yeah, the reason I’m angry is because I like the game so much and it’s just terrible online. You would think they had learned how important was the online netcode with all the other games out there, and especially after the abomination that was KOF12. GGPO and BlazBlue netcode works wonders so you know it’s not only possible, but should be the standard in late 2011. Hell even SF4 is leagues above KOFXIII. I also think about the technological wonder that is Battlefield 3. Here I am flying jets and shooting choppers, then ejecting and parachuting to the ground where I get in a tank and start blowing up buildings and people, all seamlessly without lag in glorious 3D visuals. Then I pop in KOFXIII with just two people fighting each other in 2D and it can’t run properly. Makes no sense.

You can play BF and COD even with a garbage connection, fighting games in the other hand are really different. [/FONT]


Visuals are client-side. Even if you lowered the detail level all the way down to the point where the visuals were Sega 32X quality, it wouldn’t effect the network lag at all.

SNKP has to work with what Microsoft and Sony gives them in terms of netcode.

Xbox Live and PSN were structured with games like Battlefield 3 in mind. They certainly didn’t give a second thought (or maybe even a first thought) to games like KOFXIII.

SNKP has been hanging on a razors edge for a long time now. I seem to remember reading they would abandon console game development altogether (going full-on into Pachiko and mobile development) if KOFXIII didn’t do well.

In short, comparing Battlefield 3 - a game made by one of the largest gaming companies in the world that also fits in the genre that is clearly XBL/PSN’s target genre - to KOFXIII - a game made by a company that is only a small step above being an indie developer in a genre that XBL/PSN likely thought didn’t even exist anymore - is just a little bit of an unfair comparison.

I wish fighting games would be bigger on the PC market, and more like most PC games. Imagine having dedicated duel servers (1v1 player matches), for example, that you could join and wait for your opponent. Instead of having people host their own games, when most people have DSL connections with crappy upload.

Also, being able to filter through country and lowest ping, instead of having bars that are not only wrong most of the time, but also don’t let you seperate a good bar from a bad one. The list goes on and on for things that could be so much better.

But this will never happen, so instead I sit here on PSN, and wonder if I should add this game to the growing pile of fighters that I just can’t play properly. At some point it starts feeling like a waste of time to sit in practice mode. When I can’t play properly vs people online, and don’t have anyone for offline play, what am I really practicing for?

Danime, they’re releasing SF4:AE and SFxT for PC, so perhaps your ideas will come to fruition in the near future!

Anyway, I’ve experienced only a small amount of unplayable games. It seems to vary, generally I have to make a room and wait for someone rather than keep searching quick match to find a fight with low to no lag, but I’ve had quite the few solid bouts. I’m sorry it’s not working out for you, but just keep playing and hopefully your situation will change. The patch is coming too, as everyone else has said!

The online expierence can be good if you play level 3 matches. The problem is, you find so few matches.

What what it’s worth, most of my online experiences are pretty smooth. That’s a pretty big most, though - there’s either smooth, or utterly unplayable, no middle ground. And even the number of bars for a connection isn’t a good gauge at the moment. I’ve had red bar matches be smooth as butter, while green ones became unplayable rather quickly.

For the moment, it’s largely a Your Mileage May Vary kinda thing, which no real idea if the patch’ll actually be an improvement or not. The lack of latency filters for Ranked matches is bizarre, thank god the patch is fixing that too.

I’ve been playing AE on pc since it got released, not so much atm though due to KOF. But pc games just feel like a little side project for fighting game companies. Barely any of them get released on pc, and just take 2012 now as an example. Most other games would have the update for all platforms at the same time, or with very short time inbetween.

It’s just too bad, because I don’t enjoy playing fighters on my PS3 one bit, with how bad PSN is. I’m just guessing now, but I’ll assume AE did at least OK on pc, so I think both companies and people that want to play on pc are missing out. I definately think there’s a market for it, with all the “X game to PC!” petition threads that goes with most new releases.

But hey, I’m not that bummed, because I knew exactly that this was how it would be. It was the same for me with BB:CS, BB:CT, 3S:OE, MvC3 and now KOFXIII. Doubt it will change anytime soon, as they all seem pretty set on their online format.

For me… 3 or 4 bars I will still notice a little delay, but I can land all my combos.(Including hd cancel ones) Although it takes me a couple of matches to adjust. 2 bars basic combos and 1 bar… spam fireballs lmao. This is xbox live experience btw.

I think the online experience would be better if there were more people playing. Right now the player base is so spread out, thats probably why you probably don’t get many 4 bar matches.

yea i havent had the best of luck with it. hoping it gets better. but in all seriousness i swear some being just start flipping their router lag switch to win.

The netcode is fine. What isn’t fine is the lack of region filtering. I’m in Texas playing people in Asia, the UK, everywhere. Of course they’re going to be laggy connections because of this little thing called the speed of light. When I play someone that’s at least in the same time zone the game plays great.

360 wired connection…I can’t complain about the experience at all. Over 300 matches played, maybe 30 where people’s shit was so bad I didn’t rematch.
If you guys are going to say the “netcode is total shit”, could you do the rest of us a favor and tell us the system and setup you’re using, how many matches you’re attempting?
“Netcode is total shit. BTW, played 1 match” ain’t helping anything. I’m guessing playing on a wired connection is the way to go…the really shit people I’ve played were running wireless when I asked them.

I still dont get how people are having this type of lag.

I’m running wired on my 360. I usually end up giving up after 20 mins of trying to find a 3 or 4 bar connection with no luck.

Shame, this is the best dam game SNKP ever made.

I finally had my first 4-bar connection last night, and its… ok (after having the game for a month BTW)
Its not as good, but really close to UMVC3 (which isnt perfect of course)
While I believe its totally adjustable, it really hurts the reaction gameplay, and reaction to hyper hops its simply a must for high level KOF play.

I won’t be playing online until the patch is out. I’m pretty sure though that the goal of the patch is to make it easier to find 4-bar games. I don’t think it will do anything about the input delay, and that is really sad :sad: