There is no input delay on PS3 version


Played via a CRT TV.

After playing the game for 8 hours straight, I can confirm there is absolutely no delay what so ever. It is arcade perfect.

Full parry of Ibuki SA1? Check. I can’t do this on PS2 or Xbox 1 version, only the arcade version.

Red parry whenever the fuck I feel like it? Check. I can’t do this on PS2 or Xbox 1, only the arcade version.

Red parrys are 3 frames. So if there was any input delay, they would be next to impossible to pull off. Unless you think I have these beyond godlike reactions, trust me I don’t. Seriously, the red parrys are as smooth as butter.

Now with all the reports of offline lag, I didn’t try the game on an LCD, Plasma, or HD CRT. We rocked it oldschool crt only.

Soo, if you are experiencing lag, my guess it’s because you are on an HD TV or Monitor of some sort.

If you are playing on a regular CRT, through red/yellow/white shitty connection, there is no lag. It’s in your head.

There is a thread on Tech Talk that confirms that both 360 and PS3 have 4frames of input delay. However, this is also true of Capcom arcade games. So, while no one has tested the arcade version yet, I would be shocked if it didn’t have the same 4 frames of delay.

So PS3 owners: REST EASY. Take a chill pill, and be very very happy. The game is fine on your console.

disclaimer if I should be proven wrong in the coming weeks/months, and it’s proven that the arcade version does not have 4f of input delay, then damn I really do have godlike reactions :slight_smile: But seriously guys, I’ve been playing 3rd Strike for 4 years (total), and I’m here to tell ya, this version rocks. I finally got the port I’ve been dreaming of for years. Thank you Seth Killian and the guys who did the port work. You have done an amazing job.


Also, I want to address online lag: You guy’s do know that the game is set, by default, for 2 frames of GGPO input lag. You can fix this quite easily by going into the options and setting the GGPO to 0 instead of 2. This takes away all input lag, but the drawback is that the opponents will “teleport” or “skip around” if the connection is shit. Still, if you are like me that is preferable to input delay.

So set GGPO to 0 frame delay, avoid shitty connections, and have fun.


Input lag was never a concern for me. I personally never felt any, I’m also on a CRT though.

My biggest concern was the game not being “Arcade Perfect”… as in things requiring different timing, combos doing less or more damage then the original, ect ect. Apparently Derek is on it and is trying to fix the bugs, hopefully he just doesn’t address the online issues and realizes that there’s game issues as well.


What game issues? Can you be specific?


who plays on a CRT in 2011 though? the overwhelming majority are using HDTVs thus we have a problem


^ Yeah, I play waaaay too much other stuff to even consider CRT. Look at sig; none of those games would benefit.


It isn’t Capcom’s fault that consumers don’t bother to research TVs before buying one.


3S-exclusive players know that CRTs > HDTVs for 3S. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be testing the 360 version on an HDTV via VGA. VGA is known to virtually eliminate input delay on some HDTV’s. I’ll update with my results.

I think many of you are missing the point here. It’s an arcade perfect port. There’s nothing Capcom could have done outside of literally speeding up the gameplay from the arcade to compensate, which would be nearly impossible to get accurate because of the wide range of HDTV’s and lag out there.

I’m a 3s-only player, and I know that I will be refusing to play on anything other than a CRT at tournaments.


I have a flat-screen SDTV that plays fighters with no lag. Do I win?


Some of you guys are using a computer CRT right? I know 360 users can just plug in and go, but I was gonna say if you’re a PS3 user, how about adding a transcoder? Setup works great for me so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do. People who play 3s do too.


I can do stuff more consistently in this version than I could on the PS2 version. Definitely like it a lot.


The game should be fine with the common ASUS and Alienware monitors that SRK recommends too.


its been said but I’ll reinforce it. 3S players do. I’d wager many dedicated 3S players have one or more lag-free CRT tvs that they’ve been using for 3S on PS2. I personally have 2 a monster and a smaller one for tournaments.


We still need the numbers from the actual arcade Third Strike board


I guess this is one benefit of never having played the sf3 series untill now (too busy with alpha 3 gen and sf4 gen lol). You guys get fairly technical about these things, and rightfully so I might add. I remember buying a HDTV and then playing alpha 3 on it (Imported saturn version) and I was like lolwut.


I do? The original game is made specifically for a crt.

I’ll give you a reverse example. I tried playing dragon age 2 on my old tv. The text was impossible to read because the game wasn’t meant for a crt. I returned it.
That game was designed with HD/monitor in mind only and so it looks and plays well on that, but its shit on a crt.


If you’re not playing fighting games on a CRT I feel bad for you.


I feel bad for all of us that those Samsung TV’s with minimal lag that are hard to find now didn’t set some sort of industry standard. Instead of companies delving further into what was going right with those, now they just babble about refresh rate or something and we’re stuck with “looks mediocre, plays great” when we deserve better.