There is no Norcal past SJ/SF(Looking for local players from Redding-Chico area)


Title says it all. Looking for players in the Shasta/Tehama/Glenn/Butte Counties area to some get some sort of Norther(lol) Cal community going, because I haven’t seen an arcade up here in almost 8 years.

Looking to get a group of players to get maybe some casual fight nights/tournaments going

SF4, 3s, Street Fighter Alpha, Super Turbo, Guity Gear, BlazBlue (when it comes out) Arcana Heart - Pretty much I will play anything you can drum up. Online really doesn’t cut it for me anymore as I miss the early days of when I was like 13 playing 3s in the Gold Mine Arcade in Mt. shasta mall.

Hell if there is a community up here already. Blame the tin can lines we got for communication. Drop a line in this thread with any information or interest
PM, add me to Yahoo/MSN email me.

Redding/Shasta County seems like the best place to get something started since its a pretty central city/county location and it seems equal driving distance for most of the surrounding North(er) counties, but I will be willing to drive down to Chico etc.



Mike Suarez aka Viser