There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 2: Vega

NOTE: This is my attempt to reorganize the Dudley boards, To better help each other out we can have indepth discussions on characters every day in order to help players have a better understanding of the matchups. Granted alot of this is going to be based of personal experiences of the players and how they feel that matchup is going. Each of these threads will be linked to a stickied master thread that will be easily accesed by players viewing this board. the main points that players would like to emphasize for players to understand the matchup will be edited into this post, therefore i will not be adding my own opinions until we get a discussion going So lets get on with it.

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 1: 7/31

Dudley vs. Vega(CLAW)

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 5 Vega: 5

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

Super Street Fighter 4 Tiers ? Character Rankings :


Recommended Ultra: Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder Punishes most things vega throws out on block, this includes dives and the wall 2 wall claw. U1 cannot punish rolling claws. back flips are both punishable by a well timed ex MGB and Rolling Thunder.

Keep in mind that Vega’s Footsie game is excellent, i wouldn’t recommend playing footsies with vega at all.

Refer to Thirtyfour’s post below for good advice

I use to think I had a grasp on this match up but now it seems different.

All I know is Vega is super free on wake up until he gets Ultra (Ultra 2). Safe jump him to bait it. All Flip Kicks get beat or trade with j. HK.
Getting in on Vega seems to be annoying with his reach, good thing you can punch his limbs.
I like Ultra 2 in this matchup.

Requesting Cody discussion next.

i like u1 because i can punish his wall attacks. but then i gate owned by his wall attack throw. What do i do against that and his super? seems if i jump or stand still or duck i still get thrown

Key thing I feel in this match is NOT to play footsies with him for any extended period of time. Knock him down and go to work.
Some Vega players backdash instead of backflip, so option select it (f+MP with whatever, will the c.lp xx lp uppercut work?)

oh btw, what’s a good option against wall dives? cross counter, j.MP, ducking?

as for the next thread, I request Abel.

Should I include to anti air vega? I dont remember if i included it or not. If I didnt already cover it should I?

I have a terrible time getting this match up to work unless I corner Vega fast. His backdash is such a pain to deal with, and he pretty much can always poke you to death for free.

The only tips that I can really offer is that you can neutral jump MP, or FP and beat the non grab Wall dives air to air.

I’ve fought a ton of good vegas and beat most of them. What I like to do is make vega afraid to poke me. bait his pokes with your focus attack. More dudley users should use his focus attack because it has damned good range. I’ve stopped a lot of vegas cr mp attempts after a few focus attacks to free combo.

As everyone says vega is free on wake up. You know he’s going to charge down back a lot so hit that fool with your overhead to cr lp combos. Once vega is afraid to poke you in fear of your focus attacks back him up into the corner and mike tyson his ass.

If vega resorts to wall dives works pretty decent. Personally I just duck under his wall dive attempts. A blocked wall dive means free wolling thunder. There have been a few times where I would get a rolling thunder even after ducking under a wall dive. If they get wall dive happy then toss a few roses at vega. Stops him dead in his tracks. I’ve done this plenty of times and it pisses people off so bad. Hell I even stopped bisons ultra 2 with it.

Vega is not that hard because you have moves to knock his claw and mask of quick. Combos to ducking upper or lp mgp. Don’t be afraid to use footsies on vega even though he has better range. Forward hp and cr mp are always your best friends. And always remember to keep it classy.

Focusing against vega doesn’t always work out so great. But Dudley’s focus is very good, so it is worth abusing in almost every match up. Against a smart vega, it becomes hard to land a level 2 focus. If they have meter, they will just poke and cancel into that really fast wall grab (I forget its name currently). Much like how focusing against Ryu can be dangerous because they will just be buffering to cancel crouching MK into a fireball and ruin your focus.

Thats true brainpipe. A good vega will do that ex wall dive if you get too predictable with the focus attacks. I should of also said to use it sparingly. They will be afraid to use their slide kick too if they see you focus a few times. I just got done fighting a vega and he was good. Beat him with my overheads and some footsies. Even landed a few focus attacks on his pokes.

I think the matchup is in Vega’s favor, not by much though. Dudley has to get in close and there are plenty of ways for Vega to escape and then out poke him.

holy shit. riot gaurd i just fought you earlier. our dudley mirror match. you beat me in an epic battle.

The Vega match up is something i don’t fear any more. I would honestly say this matchup is easily 5/5.

The reason i say this is because you can basically punish anything vega does. Do not try to play footsies with him, its a very bad idea, but focusing his normals really puts you at an advatnage.

I think the ultra of choice here is Rolling THunder, it punishes any blocked wall dive so long as its not exed.

Some other things i like to do in this matchup include throwing in random cross counters and Focuses on his wall dives, Don’t do it to often as the vega will start goign for izuna drops but every once in a while it will really hurt the vega and more often then not put him in the corner, and that my friends is CHRISTMAS MORNING.

Vega is pretty much free on wakeup like everyone said sans ultra and ex flip kick. if the vega likes to back flip on wake up this can be punished by both U1 and Ex MGB letting you go to work and the easy free damage.

I feel that the key in this matchup is to be relentless. Just keep throwing out block strings and get rid of the claw and mask and keep him away from it, if you do this, you’re golden.

DON’T focus Vega’s jabs. It only works if they’re not planning to throw out another one.

BnB doesn’t hit crouching Vega. Which sucks.

I know this is an old thread but I recently fought some good Vega matches and learned some stuff. May or may not be common knowledge but could possibly help. This focuses completely on Vega’s Rolling Claw.

This move is possible to cross counter, but every other hit is low so its a 50/50 chance of getting the counter so don’t bother.
If you’re at a far distance and he begins a roll f.FP or just FP it beats it clean.
If you’re at medium roll distance just FP beats it clean.
If you’re a short roll range (outside of flip kick range but close) poke with MP and buffer MP.MGB if he does a light roll you will hit him with the combo.

Thats all I have to offer, it shuts down one of his moves. You almost never have to block a rolling claw this way. Its easy to do on reaction, so it shuts his ground movements pretty well forcing him to go high. This makes him more predictable. Just be ready with that FP if you see a charge!

Rolling Claw Attack: Reversal Rolling Thunder if he attemps to use as chip or a block string. Otherwise safe on block”

i dont get this. how can his intentions change the moves properties? i can never punish this on block. with RT

All of his rolls are negative 2 on block so you aren’t punishing them.

If Vega plays lame and keeps you out he wins hands down. If he plays rush down that’s a different story.

If he does his Roll a good distance away, you can st FP him right out of it.

It just means Use rolling thunder against his Rolling Claw if he uses it outside of a combo, since it’s safe on block.
Also if he cancels into it on block, it’s not a block string