There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 3: Cody

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 3: Aug 1st-2nd

Dudley vs. Cody

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 4 Cody: 6

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup
Dudley: 6 Cody: 4

Super Street Fighter 4 Tiers ? Character Rankings :


Recommended Ultra: Corkscrew Cross

It’s a lot like a mirror match lol. Both you and Cody want to get up close and start pressure. Dudley is much more mobile though.
Cody has some good anti air options so don’t jump at him much.
Cody has a bunch of move he can throw out that a + frames on block so be careful because he wants that counter hit.
Poorly space HP Tornado can be s. HK on block. Poorly space Ruffians, same deal.
Cody’s like to throw a lot in my experience
Knife is bad news for Dudley.
Rocks have slow startup but recover quickly. Ducking under them is somewhat risky.

You want to keep Cody pressured. Not sure what he can do vs Dudley’s oki outside of ex zonk. Cody’s jab is 4 frames, Dudley’s is 3. Block low when pressured, only thing Cody has is that overhead that’s slow and looks more painful than is actually is and jump ins. His other low attacks can lead to pretty bad stuff.

I prefer U2 here.


I don’t really have much to add to this matchup. Apparently Codys knife owns dudley? I duno.

I would suggest safe jumping him alot. He is fairly good matchup for dudley for me anyways.

U1 is the way to go, and just keep the pressure on him. Codys wakeup options are slim to none cept for ex bingo.

Why U1? if you don’t mind explaining.

lol@this being a 4-6 matchup. Cody is even more free than Dudley after a knockdown. You can meaty Bingo with cr.LK. Can safe jump him easily. Can hit confirm into bigger combos than Cody can. More damaging anti-air options than Cody. j.MK owns the knife.

It’s never a 4-6.

The event hubs tier list says that this match up is 6 - 4 cody’s favor, i whole heartedly disagree, this matchup is well with in dudley’s favor. fighting a cody is like Christmas morning, while knife may mean bad things for dudley, just make sure he doesn’t get it.

Poor spaced criminal upper is punishable with S.HK
all criminal uppers on block are punishable by ultra
Ruffian kicks on block are punishable by S.HK

I prefer U1 for this matchuop does everything corkscrew cross covers and more since you can punish poor bad rocks

Don’t rely on focus to much in this matchup, focus bad rocks but thats it, upper, ruffian and zonk all are armor breaking. (upper is multi hit not armor breaking but will knock you out of it.)

Cody is pretty much free on wakeup sans ultra and ex zonk, just keep an eye out for those and go to town.

Sorry meant Ultra 2.

check mine out

You can option select Cross Counter on safe jump and it beats Cody’s Dread Dust ultra.

And LP Criminal Upper is safe on block because it pushes you too far back to use a normal, and it’s only -5

You can’t actually option select it because the ultra freeze will mess it up. There is no need to anyways, just block and punish.

Nice, you can do it guaranteed then. Even easier!

as long as your not blocking cody shouldnt be much of a problem for dudley
when they try that hover move you should be pressing c.lp on reaction because thats free damage into combo
he get’s safe jump OS’d for free
U2 cause it does everything as well as be a combo ender
cody can anti air you pretty free so keep jumping at a minimum
its harder to anti air cody when he has a knife

imo match is 5-5. both are frame trap monsters, but dudley has jucier combos with less 1 frame links.

EDIT: lp Criminal upper is -5, even when poorly spaced its kind of hard to punish.

Dunno how well it would work, but you can apparently duck through the dirt part of Cody’s U2. Maybe Ducking Straight to hit him out of it or something?

If you have Ultra 2, you can duck U2 the dust, block dust than U2, block the wrench swings U2 before the last swing, block the entire thing U2.

You can probably U1 the dust lol. Haven’t checked it out in training.

Oh wait, U1 has the same start up doesn’t it? Probably can do the above with either Ultra.

Block low a lot becausesa codys boverhead is slower than molases going uphill. Honestly I use ultra 1 just incase the cody you fight loves to chuck rocks. Usually good codys won’t do that much. Cody has a weird jump so he will constantly try to cross you up. So either block accordingly or fadc away. Imo blocked criminal uppers are punishble with lp mgp. Some one want to confirm this?

Blocked lk ruffian kicks if poorly spaced equal a free combo if you cr jab them. But above all once you knock down cody its usually ggpo for him. Make sure to use your overheads to combo a decent amount if you score that knock down. If they expect an over head then cr lk to cr lp to st hk for combo. The only thing he really has for wake up is his ex zonk punch so watch out for that.

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E.Honda next please, always seem to get trumped by him.

I personally have trouble in this match. his buttons always seem to beat my buttons… but his cr mk if not spaced well can be punished by st rh iirc

Dont listen to event hubs for matchups kthx.

This is not 4-6.

If anything its 5-5 or dudleys favor.