There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 4: E. Honda

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 3: Aug 1st-2nd

Dudley vs. E Honda

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 4 E. Honda: 6

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

Super Street Fighter 4 Tiers ? Character Rankings :


Recommended Ultra: Rolling Thunder

Reversal Ultra 1 punishes all headbutts.

The cr. lk, cr. mp, cr. hp target combo meaty on his wakeup is very strong. It will obviously beat out ochio and attacks, but if he tries to butt stomp out, the cr. hp portion will hit him on the way up

cr.hp will also beat all butt stomps on the way down.

mp MGB punishes hp headbutt on block

Mid range, try to psychic focus hit st. roundhouses, and if you feel a jab hands coming, stick out fierce to beat the jab. If he whiffs hands in front of you. St. roundhouse and go to work on him. N. jumping against this bullshit can work too.

That’s all I got. This matchup is hell. :sad: I think it’s 3-7.

Be patient. You can c.lp,, and s.hp poor headbutts before they hit. One of the few matchups where u1 is the superior ultra.

Once you have ultra1 i like to bulldog into honda being sure to try and block any headbutt and reversal u1.

Its a tough match but not as bad as others.


i haven’t much experience with this matchup BUT what i do know is that It’s easy to s/f.fp a midscreen head-butt
also i take my time and give him alot of space… (about a round house ducking straight)
so if he goes for head but i just stick my fist out and they get it just at the range a short heabut stops)
this space also help with anti airing but slams on the way down.
start with and then Jet upper (yes… it has it’s uses) when you’re comfortable…

I can’t help with footsies… i just play a game of reaction, he headbuts I fierce punch, he jumps I anti air… remember to block the EX-Headbuts… those suckers are fast! take your time… punish whatever you’re comfortable with… make sure to deal emotional damage too! that works alot

slowly force them into the corner and step back… punish back jumps with MGB…
you know the rest :devil:

warning… results may vary XD
Good luck

It’s best to practice timing in training mode. learn how long you have find YOUR own spacing and also… the max reach of cr.MK it made my life easier.

vs honda

You don’t want the game to go lame once he establishes a lame game its over for you.

always try to bait out head butts at a safe distance.

Like if they are really good with reactions go a bit past ex head butt range do lk duck and if he does ex head butt (make sure you end up just outside of its max range st rh into w/e you like)
that is more of a theory fighter thing I would like to test.

For pokes fp cr mk cr jab or st jab maybe cr mk.

if you can Throw him a lot so you can apply pressure with safe jumps and option selects

Don’t get predictable either you want to mental guard break the honda badly. Over head is not advised but try train him to block low or just block. because a blocking honda is a potentially mixed up honda.

I am just typing theory fighter stuff here, so please if anyone has a chance please see if it works

Not Low HeadButt.

There’s not much to say about Dud vs Honda.

GET THE LEAD and watch him squirm(or plug pull). Depends if you’re off/online.

F. MP is good here. Counter Hit F. MP can link into S. HP for 230 dmg (1frame).

Get the lead and safe jump him. For those that don’t know fwd throw (pause for a split sec) fwd dash>fwd/neutral jump= safe jump.

Toward+strong>Honda’s roundhouse

These threads aren’t "how to beat a scrub dick terribad honda."
Instead of theory-fighting play the game and experience a decent honda before you post garbage like this to confuse people who might actually take your horrible advice. No decent honda is going to throw out random fucking max range headbutts. get this shit out of here…

yo chill out… damn no wonder ppl don’t like srk. ppl like you being ma fucked up for no reason

he has a point. These threads arent meant to teach how to beat free hondas on psn/xbl.
If its needed I’ll make a simple guide on how to play vs Honda’s ish

I know that… but people don’t need to flip out on someone for no reason.

Hey salpal, you play honda don’t you? why don’t you give us some info here instead of chewing people out. I see you haven’t learned anything at all about manners.

I sort of hate a love/hate thing for this type of matchup.

U1 is godlike in this matchup since you can punish any headbutt on block.

That alone stops Honda’s gameplay indefinately.

I play it similar to I would play againts Zangief.

Your pokes should beat out most his pokes.

Make sure to punish his jump ins with s.MK, or trade DP with follow up ducking upper to ducking str8 into lp.mgb for max damage.

Once you have the lead, sit back and relax.

I typically just crouch and sit still for 10 seconds as soon as the matchup starts to see how lame the honda player will be. Also, if you don’t have ultra 1 yet, and your are blocking his headbutt. Don’t let him get free chip damage on you. On block, do ducking str8 for a chip damage of your own. :woot:

As far as the close of up game, Safe jump OS EX DP. Don’t attempt overheads too much. All an all, this is more a of a chip damage match then anything else, that is until you get u1. Try to focus back dack his pokes to build ultra meter.

Thats about it.

nothing to add that people haven’t said. It’s more important that you don’t take nor add advice that isn’t helpful to what’s already stated.

I “flip out” because people come to these forums for advice and they don’t know what’s good or bad. People post whatever the fuck they want without thinking of the consequences. Horrible advice doesn’t help anyone. It only hurts the Dudley community.

It’s funny how everyone wants to chew out the person who’s chewing out the noobs that post garbage.
it’s hilarious how people come into the thread and bitch me out, but don’t offer advice themselves.
I was only going to advise people to not pay attention to trash posts like that one but i guess i should add something to not seem so trollish.

Fear Honda’s Jab.
Honda’s what a beast-range poke. 40 damage…+ fp.hhs cancelled from it.
Also, use f.hp against Honda’s s.hp instead of s.hp because Dudley’s s.hp will trade unlike his f.hp at the right distance. Though that really goes for any footsie situation. f.hp has a much better hitbox. So, space out for that instead of spamming s.hp. Trading with Honda isn’t ideal.

Also, liquid, some hondas like to headbutt and immediately after recovery, ex headbutt. It’s nasty. I love catching people with that who think we’re trading chip. They eat a 200 damage CH for trying to be smart. So, be aware that Hondas are Dirty. such an easy and satisfying shenanigan.

Another thing, stand outside Honda’s cr.lp and inside his s.rh/s.hp range and see how much they like to throw out the fierce pokes. FA2 that shit FREE.

cr.HK beats a max range Honda HK clean. It’s actually fucking weird.

I would also like to add one more thing to this that would probably seem obvious, but I dont see dudley players do in this matchup.

Good honda’s whiff the command grab in the corner to build meter.

Punish that with ex mgb on reaction. They usually do this after they hit you with a headbutt. Or when they are far off to the screen.

i’d offer advice if i had it, but i’ve fought like 4 hondas online and they weren’t even that good. im just saying you’re still being kinda harsh, but thank you for the matchup information.