There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 5: Fei Long



There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 5: Fei Long

NOTE: This is my attempt to reorganize the Dudley boards, To better help each other out we can have indepth discussions on characters every day in order to help players have a better understanding of the matchups. Granted alot of this is going to be based of personal experiences of the players and how they feel that matchup is going. Each of these threads will be linked to a stickied master thread that will be easily accesed by players viewing this board. the main points that players would like to emphasize for players to understand the matchup will be edited into this post, therefore i will not be adding my own opinions until we get a discussion going So lets get on with it.

Note 2: Also when posting in this thread, post who you would like to see discussed the next day and ill continue the trend like that.

indepth matchup discussion
DAY 5: AUG. 9th

Dudley vs. Fei Long

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 4 Fei Long: 6

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

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Recommended Ultra:

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Glad to see a discussion guide for Fei-Long, that dude kills me.
And I’d like to suggest Ibuki for the Day 6 discussion.


I’ll second Ibuki. Haven’t gone up against a good Fei yet, so no advice. :shake:


I haven’t played a decent Fei yet, but I know that his stupid flame kick seems to screw up my oki. Is it invincible on start up?

I’m curious to know how it should be played.


Again i haven’t played a decent Fei yet, only thing is his wake up DP, but as with any other character with invincible wake up DP, try to bait them and try to stay on ground, perhaps some one can come with some better info than that, on the next match up I suggest Guile, i hate tha MF, his SB is a no punish always safe move against Dudley.

C u laterz


Spacing is important in this matchup.

Badly spaced chicken wing should be stuffed by s.HP
Also you can stuff a chicken wing with s.HP on its start up as well.
I recommend going ultra 2 for this one, ultra chicken wing on reaction etc.

Thats basically it, good fei longs will anti air you with flame kick so don’t jump in to much, even safe jumps are… not that safe.

Um, once you get in on him, go to work as usual.

Try to bait dp’s as you normally would etc.

Not sure why the OP chose fei long as day 5 since there’s not much to say about this matchup to be honest.
Yeah not much about this.


The issue with fei isn’t wake up dp. It’s wake up chicken wing. He needs 2 bars to make wake up dp safe, but wake up chicken wing is safe on block and leads to larger combos on hit. You have to option select for it. I suggest option selecting kidney blow into hp dp. The others come out to slow to successfully interrupt it without trading. You have fight this match up at close range. At mid range his cr mp and rekkas own you.


The reason i picked fei long was because no one had discussed it before, and i thought it would be a good time to bring it up.

as far as fei long goes, he has some nasty pokes, crouching fierce and medium are pretty good at keeping dudley out.

there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said, chicken wing is irritating as is wake up DP. Don’t jump in on Fei Long if he has U2 careful about your pressure game. rekkaken is punishable on third hit on block with S.HK and i believe Ultra 2, someone check that for me, though most good fei longs won’t throw it out if you’re blocking, keep an eye on it just in case.

S.HP and F.HP are your friends in this matchup and i always go U2. U2 on reaction to chicken wing is boss.

Stick with the usual christmas morning combos and you’ll be good.

I really don’t think its a matchup in dudley’s disadvantage, i’d say its a solid even matchup.

I vote guile for the next discussion btw.

Ibuki- 2

someone break this plz


I have little to no experience with “good” fei longs but i REALLY need help with Guiles who don’t flash kick.
s**t is just unfair


Hey guys, I haven’t play against too many fei long either, but I do have one advice that I didnt see here, so I figure I throw it in there. Cross counter against his chicken wing works well. Especially EX, since you can U2 it after if you need to. So I guess OS cross counter if you know the chicken wing is coming. Also mix it up with the Daigo OS is u get a throw and can do a safe jump on Fei.


Doesn’t look like anyone has mentioned it, but you can punish rekkas on any of the three hits with crouching MP xx LP MGB. I’m not sure if it is the best punish for rekkas or how many ways to punish it even exist, not to mention if this punish works for all types of strengths or not, but cr MP xx LP MGB has been consistent for me so far.

You can also duck through any rekka, and by that i mean of any strength and number. Which isn’t always actually very useful, but sometimes it can really catch them off guard and give you an opportunity. It also just looks funny to stand right up next to Fei, ducking all three rekkas and come out unharmed.

Anyway, I feel like this match up is in Fei’s favor, but not by all that much.


cr.MP stuffs Rekkas on start up at the right range. Buffer them into LP MGB.

Any poorly spaced rekkas can be punished with st.HK xx EX MGB. You cannot punish LP Rekka with cr.MP as it is only -4 and cr.MP is 5f start up. Possibly st.MP xx LP MGB. Be careful though, a good Fei will blow you up for whiffing a st.HK, same as a good Abel, so learn the spacing to spot where u can punish with HK into EX MGB.

You can safe jump his DP. That’s not much of a problem.

His back dash is pretty good, so you might want to option select your f+MKs.

Ummm, what else… Try not to flinch? Fei’s want you to press buttons so they can blow you up with combos into Rekkas.


Why is this matchup 6-4? I think it’s 5-5 personally. Meaty cr. short on his wake up makes EX chinckenwing wiff and can be punished with EX MGB so that’s not an issue.


6-4 was based on theory I think. Fei has some pretty ballin normals to annoy Dudley with.


True… i really wish i had a coutner arguement but… i really dont think this is 4-6 in Fei’s favor. At first i did when i didn’t KNOW the matchup, but now it seems pretty even. His normals are annoying but S.HP and F.HP say hello


Depends on how good the fei, if they know how to perfectly space rekkas and good foosties, its easily a 6-4 in fei’s favor, all i can say is frame trap that bitch lol!


i dunno, i still don’t think its a 6-4 let me mull it over though so i can actually say why


I’ve played Buktooth and another top Texas players Fei and I still think it’s 5-5. Stomach blow and lp. mgb can mess fei up.


I fought and beat ATLien in atlanta at seige wars in loser’s quarters. matchup felt pretty even to me