There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 7: M. Bison

There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 7: M. Bison

NOTE: This is my attempt to reorganize the Dudley boards, To better help each other out we can have indepth discussions on characters every day in order to help players have a better understanding of the matchups. Granted alot of this is going to be based of personal experiences of the players and how they feel that matchup is going. Each of these threads will be linked to a stickied master thread that will be easily accesed by players viewing this board. the main points that players would like to emphasize for players to understand the matchup will be edited into this post, therefore i will not be adding my own opinions until we get a discussion going So lets get on with it.

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 7: AUG. 12th

Dudley vs. M. Bison

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 4 M. Bison: 6

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

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Recommended Ultra:

I play this match a lot… it definitely isn’t easy but I got tips.

if you block a scissor kick, keep the following in mind:

  • if you’re in range to do a cr.lp after the scissor kick ends, try doing cr.lp, lp mgb.

    • this will either trade with bison’s or beat any other poke. if he blocks it, at least you’ve changed the momentum a bit.
  • if you’re not in range of cr.lp but still in range of his, just block (or psychic ex dp)

  • if you’re beyond his range, do s.hp. It will whiff or be close enough to hit him. It’s ok if it whiffs because if he presses any button, he’ll get counterhit’d. This works very well.

  • try your hardest to not get cornered… if you do get cornered, follow my advice above.

  • if cornered, look for an opening. the openings will be jump, or headstomp, or he’ll walk forward. If he jumps or HS, you can ducking underneath to get out

  • anti-air all his jump-ins. They’re really floaty. early DP works well. cr.hp works well vs his cross-up attempts too

  • don’t jump at him at certain ranges, or risk getting’d

  • if you can telegraph bison doing max range SKs, you can react at a distance with backswing and punish them

  • get a throw and practice safe-jumps. It is your best tool vs bison.

    • his EX PC has really long startup, so it’s easy to safe-jump bison. if you block it, do a reversal mp mgb to punish
    • he has no real options against safe-jumps, teleport is not necessarily safe, EX SK is not safe, HS/DV is not safe
    • start your mixup if he blocks the safe jump
  • overhead him if he has no bar on wake-up

I use corkscrew cross vs bison… but rolling thunder might be better? most of my ultras come off FA crumples or extra damage from an ex mgb combo.

Just punish any opportunities you get, don’t give him free jump-ins, and try not to get cornered. If you do get cornered, be extremely patient and eat the chips until you find an opening.

also, don’t quick get-up if you notice bison going for the cross-up PC after a lk SK

This match sucks.

s.hp beats PC’s at surprisingly close distances.

f+mp can stuff his low mk and other stuff sometimes.

Its hard to OS jump in on him. Its a guessing game from both parties.

OS, ex DP: beats devils reverse, ex pc, ex scis, backdash. Loses horribly to teleport.

OS MGBs beat backdash and teleport but lose horrible to his ex moves etc etc.

You can punish wake up EX PC with turn around u2 (u1?).

AAin Bison is tough as well. His j.hp causes trouble with its wonky hitbox. is your best option. EX DP only if you know it was a bad jump. Even if you think you can hit with it sometimes as an AA itll probably whiff and go underneath bisons jump in and you get Psycho punished.

Wake up EX DP is almost useless as it has no range and good bisons will never be point blank since their has such good range.

You pretty much cant do anything about Bisons and but more so It goes under your c.jabs and might be ok but since its slower you will probably lose. c.lp will trade with after a blocked lk scis but that always isnt a good option as he can do nothing and then lk scis again.

This match is one of Dudleys tougher matchups. Playing against Big_Marcus (top32 at EVO with Bison) really shows that you have to be on your shit to win. You gotta be able to s.hp whiffed normals, block bisons slide, block ambiguous PCs, punish bad EX PCs, s.hp bad PCs. The thing about playing someone like Big Marcus’s bison is that he almost NEVER does a bad PC. PC is so much better in this game as it can be made safe quite easy with good spacing and timing.

6:4 Bison’s favor
The Bad: Bison’s a charge character. Hard to get in on. Bison’s crouch tech is a pain. Standing Roundhouse and Scissor kick can change the momentum of a match.
The Good: Once you’re in you’re in. Diago OS beats Bison on wakeup. Cross Counter is viable in this MU.
Ultra of Choice: Flexible

Bison limits your low pokes with your scissor kick. Cant win this Match up trying to keep Bison out the entire match but it may come in handy to know footsies with a solid lead to cover his charge options.
Pokes: s.MP, c.MP xxlowduck, s.HP,
Counter Pokes: **f.MP **can stuff a lot of his moves on start up and recovery. s.HK and c.MP can catch Bison’s s.HK on recovery (lol gl with that)

Option Selects:
Diago OS covers all options on wake up.
Kidney Blow OS with Rolling thunder covers all teleports.
Target Combo 2 OS paired with Rolling thunder covers back dash and EX Psycho Crusher on wake up. ( use on Techable knockdowns)
Meaty Low Tech OS can also be used on techable knockdowns. Covers wake up grab, and EX Psycho.

L,M,H Psycho Crusher: s.HK on block.
EX Psycho Crusher: Rolling Thunder from wake up point blank otherwise safe.
L,EX Scissor Kick: Safe on Block
M,H Scissor Kick: Reversal Jet upper / Super.
Headstomp on hit/block: Punish with HP Machine Gun Blow.
Headstomp + Dive: Cross Counter / Jet upper on reaction
Devil’s Reverse: EX Machine Gun Blow (Fullscreen) or Crosscounter/Jet upper.

you can also punish ex psycho with reversal mp mgb for full hits.

should be noted that u1 punish for ex psycho has to be done late, similar to punishing blanka balls with hp mgb/u1.

Meaty is safe, all of bisons reversals are too slow.

except teleport

EX SK is not safe on block btw

you can > combo

Daigo OS isnt that good because of teleport.

Like I said in my post its a guessing game between the two players.

Its more up to the Dudley player to gauge what the Bison likes to do on wakeup.

meaty is good and probably the best option on his wakeup most of the time, when he has no meter mix up between f+hk and

Bisons focus is good vs Dudley. You gotta be careful sometimes with f+hp and hps or you will get crumpled. Also because of how his focus makes him step back, you might end up whiffing and still getting crumpled. You have no idea how many times Big Marcus’s Bison has got me with that.

Buffering>ex mgb is sometimes worth it at the riiiight distance and I mean riiiight. It can stuff sciss startup and beat some of his pokes. I wouldnt use it a lot though. Sitting there buffering is a welcome to get PC’d or scissored when you whiff.

n/m what i typed was stupid.

What is Daigo OS?

Daigo OS = J. HP/HK buffer DP while in the air. If it hits or blocked, nothing comes out. If whiff (like a backdash or something invincible), DP will come out upon landing.

Ive personally never had any problems with bison, i think it is because i know the character, i used to play him a lot in vanilla, and know what to expect from a bison, still the character has advantages over dudley but you can work the out, what i can say is no jump, ducking under his cross up game has worked for me, as “Thirty Four” said, no footsies, if you have to do an air to air attack i recomend using j.hp if at all, i heard that you can ex mgb a teleport when he tries to escape can some one please tell me if its true or not?

I vote for sagat on next match up thread

I had a Bison player advise me to abuse j. HK because Bison’s can’t anti air well depending on the spacing.

How true is this?


Safe attack cr. lk. The only wake up attack he has that doesnt get Rolling thundered is EX Jump.

When he has no meter, go for high/ low mix up. Or OS toward Mp (toward Mp, mp, Fp Target combo) / Rolling thunder to catch back dashes or teleports.

interesting tid bit: you can duck under Psycho crushers. So you can Safe jump/Ducking if you know they will PC, but i find safe attacking low short to be best thing ever in this matchup.

Safe attacking for noobs: on their wake up, hold downback, press lk, lp, standing Hk. if timed right this will create block string or combo on hit. Or if they reversal attack you will block it (your low punch wont come out since you are blocking) Then free punish.

he either doesn’t know or is lying to you. s.rh owns dudley for free.

5-5, or 4.5-5.5 imo.

Bison isn’t tough as he is annoying for me simply because i do not know how to punish his wakeup, i can bait it and know when to expect it, but as far as punishing it, im all outta options. Perhaps maybe i missed the timing or someting but everytime i try to punish teleport or ex PC with rolling thunder they end up blocking, has it been tested that Rolling thunder does punish these moves on block, and when is the timing.

Im pretty sure you can punish teleport with ex MGB, someone correct me if im wrong.

If using Ultra 2, stomp to devils reverse is like christmas morning, however good bisions aren’t going to pull that out unless they forgot, now how often is that gonna happen. His S.HK is god against dudley, it somes out quick and it comes out pretty fuckin far, DON"T play footsies with him.

if a bison tries to mindgame jump towards you, just jump up and do NJ.F if they do leap back its fine but if they decide to finally jump towards you, i believe neutral J. FP beats stomp, its working for me at least.

There’s not much for me to say on bison simply because i don’t know how to punish his wakeup options, if someone could help me out on this i would very much appreciate it.

Honestly I think this match is a nightmare for Dudley. When both of your are standing up, Dudley has almost no good options. It is definitely winnable, but I would easily say it is 6-4. Expect to block a lot since opening up at any point after blocking a scissor is usually not advised. Bison’s Standing RH pretty much takes on Dudley for free, and it is pretty much the move to try to play around.

Standing MP, F+MP, and FP/f+FP are pretty key for stuffing scissor kicks on start up depending on the spacing.

Knowing when to bait EX PC on his wake up is another key thing to get down. Against most Bisons (ie average play skill), if they have meter, they are going to either EX stomp or EX PC on wake up. Just neutral jump over it and EX MGB punish for free, and combo it into whatever. If they EX Stomp neutral jump LK will beat the stomp clean.

If they don’t have meter, try to go to down on your high low game, or option selects against backdashes if you don’t have him cornered.

I also find that meaty f+fp -> fp frame trap on wakeup is exceptionally good in this match up because Bison has surprisingly low stun. Going from F+FP->FP->F+FP will have him near stunned if he doesn’t block properly, or if he tries to backdash out. Going for max stun combos in general is highly advisable.

I’ve also found that a lot of Bisons can sight confirm their ultra 2 on wakeup if they see our meaty overhead animation start. So, I have taken to doing meaty Kidney blow instead when they have a stocked ultra. Kidney blow will recover in time to jump his U2 explosion and hand you a free punish.

Also keep in mind that if a Bison tries to 50/50 you on wakeup with their ultra 2, you can mash out Corkscrew Cross and beat it. Granted you are guessing which way to input your ultra or hoping for autocorrect to take over, but you get the full animation if you guess right. So, it is almost like you are 50/50 ultraing back at him.

ex mgb doesn’t punish ex PC, that much i kno, i’ve done exactly what you said and they block every time

Either they are never blocking when I do it, or you are doing it too late. I manage to land that at least once every time I fight a Bison.