There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 9: Dhalsim

There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 9: Dhalsim

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 9: AUG. 29th

Dudley vs. Dhalsim

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 4 Dhalsim: 6


Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

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Recommended Ultra:

They say it’s 4-6 but it feels like 5.5-4.5 or even to me. He wins mid range and you rape close range. Being unpredictable but smart is the key to winning this match up. He doesn’t have any one poke that can keep you out.

Ways to get in:

  • buffeting ex mgb off of stnd hk against his stnd hp at 3/4 screen
  • read his stnd mk and use cross counter
  • jump over one his pokes
  • use duck when he jumps back to negate hp

My thought is it’s ok to lose a quarter of your health to get in as long as you take at least half of his.

Never jump when you have him cornered. Always be aware of lk into super.


Instant Overhead j.HP can be punished with a properly timed EX MGB even on hit.

How do I deal with teleport.
I dont get it.
Is it invincible on start up?

S.HK + Buffered EX MGB beats all Dhalsim’s standing limp moves.

Dhalsim’s anti airs (except b. HK) and in air attacks seem to lose to j. MK and j. HK seems to beat a few but not as many.

I was annoyed playing a Dhalsim so I dedicated the rest of the rounds to finding out what I can do to close the distance and just kept jumping and pressing buttons to see what worked.

My secret to this fight from my experience.

Focus attack, anytime you think he’s going to attack. I pretty much got to the point where I throw out focus attacks so sporadically for advancement that it throws people into defensive and once Dhalsim drops into close range defense. You can overrun him. Jump Fireballs > Focus dash > and initiate the beatdowns. Just got to be aware of teching Dhalsim especially. All it takes is one back grab and boom. You’re back to square one.

Dhalsim’s slide is rather annoying. It seems regardless if I block or get hit, I’ll get thrown before my jab lands. Is it really that safe?

Yes. it is.

The way I play this match-up and I’ve been winning way more fights against Dhalsim like this:

-Focus his pokes, not all so you won’t lose grey damage
-Focus Yoga Fire’s
-Rolling Thunder is pretty much what you want to punish Yoga Fires because Dhalsim has like…the shittiest recovery so Rolling Thunder catches it even from mid-screen
-Duck a lot, Focus to get in
-Don’t overhead a lot, mix it up with and tech grab because they always want to get you away from them
-Don’t rush in a lot if you can focus to fight your way
-Dhalsim’s is punished by EX MGB
-Use st.HP in close range and becareful with slides xx grab

I will post a video soon to show you the way I fight against Dhalsim. I found this match-up pretty much 5 - 5 because Focus and Rolling Thunder will win you this match if you’re careful on how you’re approaching Dhalsim.

Versus good Dhalsims.

  • You cant focus his pokes because yoga fire is usually out.
  • You cant focus his Yoga fire because he’ll hit you with c.HP or s.HP ( anything really)
  • Rolling Thunder doesnt work all the time, you can get hit Yoga fire after you hit Dhalsim with Rolling Thunder.
  • Using Duck a lot is just asking to get hit by limps.
  • You have to stay on Dhalsim. You cant allow him to build meter and Dudley cant win this fight from across the stage.

This match up is not 5:5

I’ve found its best to keep 3+ bars for this match so you’re always close to having super or a EX Jet Upper FADC.
s.HK + Buffered EX.MGB is gold. It’ll prevent Dhalsim from ever throwing standing limps out without having yoga fire already on screen.
c.LK works well vs low limps just outside of your s.HP range, you can probably buffer in a low dodge and go unpunished at some ranges.
c.MK can catch low limps before and after their active frames
Corkscrew Cross is the better Ultra in this match up since the match up is mostly about adapting to the player, you’ll be able to anti air after a teleport or punish a pattern player’s limbs with a full screen Corkscrew.

The only viable use for Rolling thunder IMO is to punish a grounded Teleport.

If you whiff a st.HK a good dhalsim will punish you for it. st.HK xx EX MGB is VERY difficult to space correctly and time so it beats Dhalsim’s limbs. And only d+HK is punishable with EX MGB

Jumping towards with is good. I wouldn’t jump IN on Dhalsim often because he can anti-air you pretty easily. Just try and force that knockdown and make sure you deal more damage than you take getting in. Rolling thunder only works if the dhalsim player is stupid and throws fireballs from unsafe ranges

It is not a 5-5 match up.

I got good experience against good dhalsims, I can give 4 VERY useful tips

your jumpins for positioning you close (outside his knee range) you need to jump with mk, it will counter hit all his anti air limbs and you will get close to him.
you can ex thunderbold on reflex any of his yoga fires
buff into ex machine blow, you will counter hit eventually and take 1/3 of his hp away
once close blockstring all the way till you get a attack in

Is this info regarding online or live matches? I’ve been able to do hk buffered into ex mgb on reaction to sim’s hp numerous times in tournament settings. I’m not suggesting you stand at his fp range and spam hk all day. That’s stupid. Just know it’s a viable option if you have the timing and skill. It’s most likely impossible online to do it on reaction.

Quoted and bolded for TRUTH!!!

Precisely. You guys must have been playing ass Dhalsim’s because every one of these points is true.

When the game was fresh, I often said on these boards that I felt the matchup was pretty even. However, I’ve since changed my mind. The reason for this is Dhalsim’s cr.LP which will be used and abused by good Dhalsim players that know this matchup. It cannot actually be hit by either Stand Fierce or Stand Roundhouse, making it the perfect keep away tool for Sim. If the opponent does not know this, then fine buffer Stand HK all day long and counter poke with Stand Fierce, Marn style, every time you see Sim flinch. But against experienced Sim’s, these tactics go out of the window.

Cr.MK is the move you’ll need in this match, as it can counter poke Sim’s cr.HP and cr.LP. Even on trade, it gets you the untechable knockdown, which will allow you at least one HK Ducking to close the distance up. Mixup the cr.MK with cr.LK too. Landing the cr.MK can be very hard, but the cr.LK isn’t so bad. You can do it on reaction and it will cleanly beat Sim’s low pokes. However, it does not offer you much positional or situational advantage, even if you cancel it to ducking.

Dhalsim players also like to get into the pattern of Yoga Fire, Cr.HP / cr.LP / Stand HK. This stops you from focusing or ducking the Yoga Fire as you’ll get hit by his limbs. However, if Sim uses this pattern, you can EX Thunderbolt as soon as he Yoga Fires to hit him on recovery and score a knockdown. This is a great tactic, but once you’ve done this once or twice, opponents will get smart and try and bait you into using the Thunderbolt by faking the Yoga Fire. So don’t get predictable and level up your reactions.

If you get in, this match is over, but getting in is very hard.

That was beautiful man

Note DONT LET Dhalsim advance on you.
It’s REALLY HARD because of his Yoga Fire.
Backing off helps avoid his Mix up of insta overhead and c.HP but you’ll get pushed back into the corner in the process after a few Yoga Fires.
A good Dhalsim WILL NOT let you focus his fire balls while you’re in range of his limbs.

Rolling thunder won’t work on good sims so I always stick to corkscrew. Don’t duck or fadc yoga fire because you will get punished hard. Fadc a few of his limbs but don’t get too predictable with it because they will wise up. As some mentioned earlier, ex thunder bolt works great against yoga fire to score that well needed knock down.

Once you manage to get close to sim its pretty much ggpo. J hk has worked out for me at certain ranges but don’t abuse it. If you get that knock down use your overhead to combos and knock them down again. Once they fear that overhead they will block high. That’s when you mix up with cr lk, cr lp, st hk to mgp/ducking/jet upper or whatever you feel like. Personally I use jet upper or ex mgp to score that knock down again. Oh, and f fp has worked well for me a few times but use it like its your last 5 dollars for the week.

The most important thing to do is be patient. Don’t rush in and make careless mistakes.

This is a tough matchup for Dudley. IMO, 6:4 in Sim’s favor but less so than the guile matchup. You can get over yoga fire with a jump, u just need to space it correctly so that j hk or j mk beats sim’s REGULAR hk (not the knee).

Keep in mind that Sim has very limited options on wakeup if you ever do get the knockdown. A sim will either throw, block, teleport on wakeup. Those are his only options. That said, if he’s in the corner your pressure will be crazy, and if he’s out, you should really only be using an o/s for a possible teleport. Even at that, his grounded teleport is easily punished as he can’t IAT if you go meaty on him.

Any average Sim will know how to zone you out. But not many know how to deal with pressure or properly create space. If you challenge a Sim that ever jumps backwards, wait till he throws ANYTHING out. whether it be a teleport or an overhead or watever, and then punish with exmgb. This works and is one time where i’d throw out ex mgb without a normal cancel. What i would do is, if you see him in the air, hold back till out of range of the overhead, then whiff a couple of jabs and punish any move on reaction. Better Sim’s dont jump however, and can be a nightmare for dudley. YOu shouldn’t fear ultra 1 though. Sim’s will use that for pressure and if you are in that situation, you are close enough to throw or get a ducking into combo.

Sim’s that don’t jump however are much harder to deal with and you just have to outsmart them. Easier said than done for sure but you have options, neutral jumps over fireballs with n jmp mk, focus absorb, ex thunderbolt etc. Like someone said earlier, when you are in, stay in.

Requesting El Fuerte next.

hey HisNameIsL, Elf is not too hard. forward fp and ssb will help you out a lot against him. his wake up is so shitty unless he has ultra 2. so mix up, overhead, and do whatever on knockdown once you score it. Just be on the offensive against elf.