"THERE IT IS, THE FIRST HIT!" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- RanBat 2.1 -- 3/22


Guess who’s back baby :cool: :amazed:

Welcome back everyone to the SECOND season of The Arcade Infinity RanBat Series

For the new guys, you might ask:

What is a RanBat? Short for Ranking Battle, a ranbat is a more specialized tournament where the winners of a series of RanBat winners earn points and ranks based on previous tournament placings.

(if that doesn’t make sense let me know cuz its monday and i’m very tired <3)

**Why should I go? Do these events get a big turn out? **Anyone that has ever been to at least TWO of out previous tournaments will tell you we know HYPE. We have the best hype masters in socal. Bebop, Sanchez, Luka are just a few. You want hype lessons? Ask them what’s really good. Why should you come? cuz we want you new guys to show us what you’ve learned the past Month. Fuck online THIS is how street fighter is MEANT to be played. Now get your asses down here and get off the internet.

**What time do these usually end? **If we start on time and we have a 30-40 turnout we can end around 8 or 9. It is HIGHLY encouraged for everyone to stay for finals.

**Are matches recorded? **We have a recording system we’re working on getting back in action. So wait up on that.

Also before I get into the specifics of this season I wanna mention one more thing to all the new guys. I highly encourage everyone to sign up on SRK and post up in our tournament and arcade threads. Get to know us, were all generally pretty nice guys. Lurking is easy, but when you actually starting meeting most of us you’ll have a much better time at the arcade.

So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to post and ask. It’s all good

Let’s get down to the basics

Arcade Infinity

Arcade Infinity
1380 Fullerton Rd,
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


March 22, 2009
Sign ups start at 1pm we start at 1:30 (usually <3 :sweat:)


come play the best in SF4 right in your socal home :cool:

VIP gets chips ahoy cookies :cool:


Standard 2/3 Rounds (losers is Single Game till top 8)
Grand Finals 3/5 (If agreed by the opponents, but 2/3 is encouraged ^__^)

Double Elimination - If you are unsure how Double elim works read up on this
Cuz i usually see confused faces when the person from losers bracket in grand finals has to win the same set twice.

so read up vvv

$5 Entry Fee + $1 towards Big pot that goes toward the winner of the most points at the end of the season.


$4 Entry Fee +$1 towards Big pot that goes toward the winner of the most points at the end of the season.

Money to be held in custody of Stacey.

Feel free to discuss this and the possibility of other RanBat prize structures. I’d love to hear your ideas

Last Thing: Arcade update is currently UNKNOWN ETA so don’t bother asking.


Count me in!

Oh and What are the requirements for those cookies ?


wat? we have an option to pay a dollar extra just to be nice guys?


im going ! so count me in :smiley:


oh, and do we have a thread on here where we post pictures of our fuckin faces?
i don’t know who the hell anyone is and i cant say that I don’t feel fuckin silly askin peoples SRK names and havin them say some shit like “dark lion spacewing8995”



Man I missed yesterday’s warmup tournament - Oh well, hopefully I won’t miss this one if I’m not busy (Likely not since I’ll be done with finals by then).


No, pick one you might agree with.

Its going to be one or the other.


i would say $5 +1. im poor but w/e fuck it. rolling with no money is tight…


I’m a new player and I prefer 4+1 since I want to get the best experience out of my pocket. Also, 4+1 would be a reasonable amount to attract new players.


fosho. lets do this.


i say $1000 + $300



added a poll


Go go cheaper option! How about $peanuts + $1?


Damnit, I think I’m going to be in Palm Desert that weekend with friends. Good luck to all those who go!


Ahh march 22, good shit. Week before or week after I probably wouldn’t have made it.

And if nobody’s recording matches then I can do it.



If you guys get the recording mechanism up and running again, will you be encoding for consoles/people who hate the low quality of Youtube vids again like you did for 1.2 and 1.3? I think it’d be cool coz you get all the matches in order that way and get to keep up with the commentators.

Speaking of which, I heard Gootecks and Sanchez stopped doing commentating because of Youtube comments or something?Don’t step down because of a few douchebags on Youtube, the commentary was a great element to the entertainment of watching the matches…well, for people who watch the matches for entertainment as well as studying, that is =P

EDIT: Oh, and forgot…Good luck everyone!


oh fuck the BULLSHIT.
youtube commenters have no fuckin LIVES. i fuckin LOVE that commentary shit. thats what we NEEEED!!


in the immortal words of the kool-aid man, “OH YEAH!”


Out of all the youtube spam my email gets, the ones about “bad commentary” stick out. It’s like someone hurling all over your brand new couch then passing out on the new coffee table, spilling everything on top of it. Youtube is full of haters

I love the commentary, hopefully everyone will be back for more :smiley:

oh and 4+1 is cool too


i say fuck the new people, and fuck youtube



Count me in for this tournament. Lets have a repeat of the warm up!