There really needs to be an ORGANIZED information topic for Sim

Yes, this could have been placed in the general thread, but, I felt this was important enough to warrant an entirely new topic.

So, I’m trying to learn Dhalsim at the moment. Unfortunately, finding any information on the basics of Dhalsim’s gameplay is absolute hell as this forum is completely and utterly unorganized. It seems that the only way I’m ever going to get the information I need is by digging through the General Thread, which would take hours upon hours. As such, this forum really needs an in-depth intro to Sim topic that explains:

  • Dhalsim’s general gameplan.
  • Dhalsim’s various pokes and when they should be used.
  • Dhalsim’s fireball game.
  • Anti-air options.
  • Teleport shenanigans.
  • Combos.
  • Ultra set-ups.
  • Proper use of slides.
  • Anything else I neglected to mention that’s important.
  • Yoga Tower.

Although I would prefer it if someone who actually knows how to play Sim made such a topic, I would be willing to maintain such a topic if in THIS topic people would either post relevant information or link to posts containing relevant information.

Agreed. This sounds reasonable to me. Having come from the abel forums where shit’s pretty well laid out I’m finding this section to be a little more difficult comparatively.

Most of that stuff is very matchup specific, and is found in the matchup threads. UltraDavid wrote a very excellent guide at one point detailing Sim’s AA options against all of the character’s various options. Extremely useful, but unfortunately I no longer have it bookmarked. Should be easy enough to find, though.

The information you are looking for in that post sounds logical enough, but it all basically comes down to learning spacing. Fireballs are good, and if you have one on screen, you have the advantage. However, if you throw out a fireball randomly, you are going to be punished hard and die. There is already one thread for his U1 and U2, both of them stickied, I believe.

Yoga Tower is great for winning fireball wars. If you tower over a fireball and immediately launch one of yours, you can punish the opponent’s next fireball attempt with S.Fp. I believe again there is a huge list of what it does and does not avoid as well as it’s uses.

Combos -> B.Mk xx lp.flame (xx super)
B.Hp xx ex.flame or mp.flame xx super
Db.Hp, xx super

Slides are great for regaining proper spacing or avoiding unfortunate spots. There is a certain area in which your opponent has an extraordinary amount of options, and xx hp fire or xx lp flame (note that neither option will combo even on hit and will get you killed by anyone utilizing reversals) can regain a certain amount of momentum. is great for repositioning quickly if they do something stupid. If they try to jump in after they have you cornered, it is generally the best option to get out of the corner. is one of Sim’s options for using tripgaurd to AA. Useful in the boxer matchup in particular, however can be empty jumped and will cause you a lot of pain. Generally better to use d.hp unless you are certain.

Don’t teleport unless you have a damn good reason to. IAT shenanigans generally (and by that I mean almost always) aren’t worth it. The jump cancel teleport is worth using (not sure what the proper term for it is, but when you IAT so low that you can’t do anything, but you recover much quicker than doing a grounded teleport).

Blocking is good, pressing buttons is bad.

Aaaand, that’s about it. The rest of the information is around and separated quite logically. Some of the stuff I’m saying is probably wrong, but I don’t care too much. Just focus on learning good spacing, the rest of the gimmicks are really just… well, gimmicks.

Good to know about the yoga tower. I’m having fun with sim so far. It’s a nice change of pace coming from abel.

I don’t know, dhalsim sub forums seems pretty organized. honestly everything you need is in the stickies. though I’ll admit that the matchup thread needs to be updated.

Good write up savage, although lk slide into flame/fire is not that great, and I’d go further in saying hk slide is all but useless. I’d also say the third combo you list is also useless, and time you can do that you can do bnb of b.hp xx mp flame into super.

Tower is also good when you thing a throw is coming, and it also goes over low attacks and some mid attacks. Check out the tower thread for more info on it, but it’s a great tool to get your opponent off their rhythm. is his other good aa and is great against cross-ups and in certain matchups like chun and bison where their air normals beat out or trade well with is also nice because it is cancelable, so you can fire or teleport as they’re reseting.

I wouldnt really say hk slide is useless because it won me some matches. I RARELY ever use it, but when i do its for mixing it up and going for a sweep to get my space and bearings back.

I find HK slide useful in two scenarios: messing with heads of people in fireball wars and scoring a hard knockdown. Destroying lariat happy Geifs.

The other thing I don’t see discussed a lot on the Sim forums is the Mummy, personally I think a great tool ESPECIALLY in the Blanka fight. It shuts down 80% of his ball shenanigans and is incredibly easy to link into super, hell you can super a Blanka hop out of a well placed mummy.

Drills are better in this game being safer on block and are another good way to avoid fireballs and setup tick throws but that’s about it. You can link them into and so on but the spacing has to be perfect and with so little room for error there’s a lot of safer ways to set that business up so IMHO they are best used as a defensive tool or if you’re feeling saucy you can thrown them out as an air to air now and again if you don’t have super in which case mummy all the way. Everything else is still fairly relevant from vanilla and there’s a whole thread devoted to shangrila.

I tend to find drills and mummies extremely useful… if your opponent is quite bad. Instant jump back mummy has it’s uses against certain characters, but I haven’t played around with it enough to decide if it’s really worth it. Air to air mummy is a lot of fun, for sure, but the hitbox is terrible so I find hk,, mp or to be much more useful as air to air.

Also, yeah, the third combo I posted there is garbage, but I see it talked about a lot so I figured I might as well add it.

Not sure if there is anything like this around but is there anything in the forum basically breaking down the basics of sim? I’m looking for something along the lines of a newb survival guide/essentials to sim. Now I don’t expect a video guide persay but I did enjoy the old gootecks video detailing basic boxer strategy, so I’d be looking for something along those lines.

I’ll keep looking, but if there is point me in the right direction?


Honestly the only time I’ll go fishing with the mummy air to air is if I have super and I want an easy punish with a big payout. Mostly I’ll use the mummy instant air like you’ve mentioned since it does do a good job at cleanly beating down certain characters Blanka and looking at hitboxes it could (theory fighter) work against Bison scissor kicks and Honda’s headbutt as well, but that requires some training mode to prove it’s validity, but again since they both leave the ground during the move those moves are possibly free supers with an easier hit confirm than even db.hp.

I’m working on a short “beginner’s guide to sim” strategy guide.

Can’t wait to check it out. If there’s anything I can help with, let me know. (proof reading, formatting etc.)

I’m 1600 words in, my outline is halfway filled out.

Here is a preview look at my outline topics:

Primary Strategies
Aggressive Turtling
Screen Scrolling
Yoga Inferno
Yoga Catastrophe
Yoga Shangri-la
Watching and Learning
Training Regimens

I keep thinking of new things to add to the outline, and the document keeps getting larger and larger. But, I’m going to create a new thread when it’s done.

Can’t wait for it, Shawn. After what seemed like ages of going without a main, I’ve finally settled on Dhalsim (whom I’ve used before, but got into some real bad habits). So having a good organized list of info would be great. Maybe I’ll finally be able to turn myself from the kind of guy who knows what he’s doing into a guy who actually shows it.

On that note, I know there’s a matchups thread, but is there an organized list of info and whatnot on each of Sim’s matchups? I’d rather not start digging through that thread looking for one if there isn’t one in there.

A really good thing to add imo, is to add what anti air to use for all matchups.

I decided to go searching for you folks. This is all vanilla data, but it is still 95%+ accurate.

that thread is godlike, but some AA should be revised. (For example the Akuma dive kick)

I hope somewhere in there talks about dealing with jumpins (esp shotos) from that sweat spot for them where b.HK whiffs and a stretched limb gets stuffed. Those jumpin’s are total mix up. If they stick out an attack i could trip guard, but against a shoto, not a position i want to be in (DP to he face)

This was posted on the front page not too long ago. Great stuff ^^.

Shoryuken - UltraDavid Commentary Series - Episode 4.

You eventually get a feel for it and it’s a bit frustrating at first. Also if you use b. mp when they are right above you, you can immediately throw a fireball and they will either get hit by it after landing because they’re dumb and throw a random SRK, or block and you will be able to push them in a position where they can get anti-aired if they jump towards you again.