There was a patch this morning


jus poped this in and there was a patch… what is it about?


I think it had something to do with the costume bug


It was the patch the PS3 got a week ago 1.07


and we pay for our shit lol. PSN didn’t have that costume issue with the AE people did it?


it was a patch to extend the range on Gief’s light SPD


It also lets viper start the match with 2 ex bars and half a revenge gauge


did it fix the in game marketplace costume downloads? I want to try, but I don’t feel like having to reboot a frozen box

EDIT: YUP. They fixed it.


This patch also fixes glitches like Ryu’s shoryken glitch in the bonus stage, Juri’s kick going through the opent’s body and some other bugs I don’t recall right now. Check the game version in options mode and it reads 1.07 now.