There Were No Qualifiers At ORBIT on 06/24/2006

Odd tournament… everyone thought no one was going to show up when the qualifiers were cancelled.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (9 Entrants)
1st - Tigerlee
2nd - Noodleman
3rd - Jiggabry
4th - YellowS4
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Gerjay
7th - Fobhunter
7th - Angel Of Rage
9th - Psychochronic

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (16 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - G3nn
4th - LOC
5th - Chun
5th - Deathfist
7th - Cito
7th - Joker
9th - Green
9th - BilleDee
9th - Lord Magnus
9th - Chen
13th - Angel Of Rage
13th - Psychochronic
13th - Quan
13th - Nagata Lock II

1st - Chun
2nd - Ack
3rd - Paul
4th - Ocean
5th - Gaijinblaze
5th - YellowS4
7th - Samir
7th - G3nn
9th - Cruxay
9th - Phastestpig
9th - Miles
9th - Warren
13th - Alex
13th - DarkDragon
13th - Miles
13th - Psychochronic

GG’s to everyone today. It was a good time for a tourney no one was supposedly showing up to.


ggs to everyone

  1. Jiggabry
  2. Gerjay
  3. g3nn
  4. Chun
  5. LOC
  6. Cito

  7. The guy who Justin said SUCKS HORRIBLY.
  8. Justin
  9. NOT Howard! OMGWTFKBBQ!!11

5th at York and 7th at Orbit?


  1. bry
  2. gerjay
  3. g3nn
  4. chun
  5. LOC
  6. Cito
  7. Deathfist
  8. J0ker
  9. Howard
  10. Dee
  11. Lord Mag
  12. Chen
  13. Justin
  14. Quan
  15. Spidey
  16. Psychochornic

… pretty sure its something close to that if not that to be exact



Just a couple of things…

I took a look at my ranks at ORBIT over the last six months and I ranked no lower than 9th. Being placed against Nathan first round was a joke, especially in the face of some of the other match ups in the first round. Basically starting my tourney from losers when I’ve pulled down 7th and 9th (hardly high but definitely not deserving of facing 3rd rank first round) isn’t right. That being said, I played like a complete and total idiot yesterday against a guy that I should have completely destroyed if I actually played the way I’m capable of.

Good shit to Gerjay for knocking Bryan into losers, even though the circumstances were a little wacky.

Congratulations to Gordon. He played a great N Groove all day, especially his whiff poke Ryu and pressure RC Blanka.

Good shit to me for hitting Kim’s most damaging fancy combo in tournament. T7 I’m hitting the infinite on someone.

Where was the Guilty Gear community? We spent two days argueing about respect and support for the game and the only one to show up and play for a while was Dice01 (what a Faust. So fucking random).

See you all in two weeks…

Tigerlee is beast. he should get a try out spot for cvss2

japs sticks sux. =p
that my excuse and i sticking with it.
horrible game with justin. my very very first getting ocv in a trny. =p

And I thought I was the only one who thought that. :lol:

Props to Quan for giving me and Cito a ride back to Streetsville. :tup:

GJ to Tiger Lee…Team STC ! Hold that shit!

Hell ya, thats what ive been saying all along

I didnt know you played mvc2 chronic … wish my arthritis would let me play that game.

:confused: :looney:

Would you like a bowl of cereal?

on that, it might be a good idea to get orbit to service those joysticks. multiple people has noticed that at times the stick are abit iffy, and missed quite abit of routine stuff.

If you were placing no lower than 9th, it’s likely due to the good fortune of an incomplete bracket. Being the 3rd worst player in a 16 man bracket means you play the 3rd best player… being the 3rd worst player in a 13 man bracket means you play the 6th best player-- clearly a big difference (especially in GTA Marvel). Also, Marvel isn’t you primary game… but for 95% of the field it is, and they’re playing it more regularly than you and improving faster than you (no offense). Finally, your own words were “14th seed out of 16… yeah that sounds about right” when I showed you the brackets; so it’s a little silly to say this now, when it was already presented for your review and you were fine with it.

The only thing I may have done different was seeded Chen last, as we discussed. I didn’t do signups or collect money, so I mistook him for one of the Orbit regulars I have seen play before (the guy who uses Spiral) and seeded him where I thought he should be.

If you still feel you deserve a better ranking, I offer you this challenge: I’ll put money on anyone in that field that you believe you should be seeded higher than (aside from Chen who already beat you and Psychochronic who was seeded below you). If you can’t take that bet, then I’ll take that as confirmation that you were seeded exactly where you should be. Agreed?

Both Dee’s and your results are a bit off, here is the highly accurate version:

  1. Jiggabry
  2. Gerjay
  3. g3nn
  4. Chun
  5. LOC
  6. Cito
  7. Deathfist
  8. J0ker
  9. Green
  10. Dee
  11. Lord Magnus
  12. Chen
  13. Justin
  14. Quan
  15. Angel Of Rage
  16. Psychochronic

Just FYI though, I finished 7th in 3S, but had to play Ack first round. This happens every tournament and I get told things like “oh we did RANDOM seeding.” For anyone who doesn’t know, random seeding does NOT work in double elimination tournaments. Not to mention how two players show up hours late and the brackets get RE-randomised to accomodate them. So if you want to talk about ridiculous seedings, let’s talk about 3S first. No offense to whoever tried to run 3S, but until you know what works and what doesnt, Justin should probably help run it.

Regardless of whether the brackets were “complete” or not, the ranks still hold up. I’m not saying that I’m better than those ranked above me. What I am saying is if I am ranking 7th - 9th, I should be ranked 7th - 9th. Otherwise it turns into a situation where I shouldn’t even bother to join because no matter how many times I get a rank regardless of whether it’s good or not, I’ll be seeded at the bottom because the general feeling is that I’m not deserving of it. If that’s the case then I’m not going to bother entering Marvel tournaments. I had to go through this kind of grief with CvS2 years ago and I don’t have the determination at this point to keep plugging money into tournaments where I’ll be ranked last until someone in their divine wisdom realizes I shouldn’t be facing Bryan/Gerjay/Nathan (which I’ve had to do for the last three singles tournaments, forfeit, and still worked through losers) in the first round. I don’t mind pot filling because I try to support the scene but dropping $5 to amount to what basically means starting in the losers bracket despite winning past tournament matches doesn’t make sense.

I can (and have) defeated Aaron, Parerick, Howard, Dee, Adil, and Yuhin in tournaments at York U, ORBIT and The Games Skybox. While some (Aaron mainly) would be more difficult to defeat than others, I believe I could do it and would take the bet. We can work out the specifics but you and I both know my style of play would run over a few of these folks if I played them first round in a tournament.

I can’t offer assistance in 3S on any large scale because I don’t know the scene. I keep track of ranks each month and could build a system to determine where regular players should be placed (ie Chun should be ranked a lot higher than he typically is) but the field is so large and there are so many talented players that don’t enter often or at all (Wei and Marvin come to mind) that the rankings would be skewed. I don’t agree at all with this re-randomization deal (I had no idea about that) and will talk to Stephen about why it was done.

justin, i played gerjay first round. that means i was ethier ranked 2nd last or 3rd last. only complain i had about that was, i rather played ge3n rather then gerjay or bryan. due to the fact i played them alot, since they both from sauga, and i hardly play against the orbit ppl.

That’s a regional seeding problem and something that Nathan should have addressed. Even Gerjay complained that he shouldn’t be facing a Sauga player in the first round. When we have a field that’s relatively balanced, I’m sure adjustments could have been made. Hindsight is 20/20.