There will be AE 2012 changes before release and a 2nd Location test



I have a feeling AE 2012 beta will have nothing but nerfs for everyone. The AE 2012 Alpha change list was just a cock tease.

yeah that’s normally how that goes. They will release the Alpha list just to get our hopes up and to see how we react to the changes, then beta will balance them out to make sure nothing is OP or UP. I am hoping for a few more changes (please make Chun’s :df:+:lk: AA better…).

  • Undo all Yang changes and instead just give him slight damage and stun nerfs.
  • Undo all Akuma changes.
  • Bring back Super Chun-Li and Guile.

Those are the changes I’d like to see.

Personally I’d say keep ALL changes except for relaxing on Yang A LITTLE, but fucking help Dudley for fuck’s sake. Everyone got buffed but him. WHAT.


Amen to THAT! And maybe a few more for T. Hawk please

Would like to see more E.Ryu changes, Alpha was a step in the right direction, would be interesting to what beta has to offer for E.Ryu. Ryu is fine, Makoto is hanging on a very fine thread right now, but both also have a good treatment from the change in AE upper. Just no more nerfing, CAPCOM, ya hear me?

Also, as I noted in another thread, please make everyone’s (inferior) Ultra more useful, that way we can find out which Ultra is more useful in what matchup. Rather than just nerfing people’s normals and specials, I’d say buff them Ultras as well, would like to see more and more people changing their playstyle based on this ALONE, rather than people being predictable and choosing the preferred Ultra for a character

Maybe this would be a step in the right direction as well, Capcom will need to find a particular focus on the lower tier character’s Strength and RAMP IT UP TO INFINITY +1. Seriously though, we need to find a weak character;s strength and change that to suit other characters’ playing style either to defend against or to counter. Changes in damages and frame datas are only minor if the said character can still be played like usual. IE. Viper and more changes may be needed to get them up to a level they’ve never reached before.

Make E.ryu’s C.MK faster. That’s all I want aside from his awesome buffs in the alpha build.

They should do something with Oni. His health isn’t his problem, +50 there fixes nothing.

If they ever put Gouken in another game, they need to just forget everything about him in SF4 and make him a different character completely.

I have a feeling that exactly what would happen. They have to take the old man back to the drawing board.

I sense hakan being god tier

not biased at all there.

Rose and Hawk buffs please, alpha “buffs” were negligible, dammit

yun needs more nerfs
fei needs way more nerfs
makota needs more nerfs
dan need nerfs (srsly, hes meant to be bad, thas why i like him)
c-vip needs nerfs
zangief needs to be removed from the game.

Oh god… Memories flowing back to me… Can’t stop LOL’ing…