There Will Be Brawl

Ok…first off I’m gonna say this thread has nothing to do with strats on any character in the game or even general knowledge about the game…HOWEVER…this video I’m about to post of does have some relevance…

There Will Be Brawl:

I decided I should at least post this video here first in the smash thread to get the atttention of the people who at least play the game. This isn’t an animation and it’s acted by live people…and the gist is basically brawl+gangwars+drugs. I thought it was pretty well put together for a story so I decided to share. Be on the look out for a certain character right at the end…lmao.

Edit: Wow I didn’t know they got Kyle Hebert…didn’t even recognize him as warrior. Wonder how much they had to pay him to play that part.

There Will Be Brawl Ep. 2:

for those who watched the first at least

This is a good series

There Will Be Brawl Ep.3:

haven’t watched it yet…in the process of doing so right now!


There Will Be Brawl Ep. 4:

The 2 special guests from the game make their appearance!

I’m way late on this…my bad

Episode 5:

Ep. 6:

Ep. 7: