There's a bat in my apartment; what the hell do I do?


I tried to chase it out an open window, but I lost track of it and it’s hiding somewhere. I’ve been hitting random things with a broom to try to get it to come out, but it’s not working. I have no idea how it got in and where the fuck it’s hiding.

seriously, what the fuck. someone help.


I dont know, just keep the lights on I guess.


Err, loud music, a broom, garlic, holy water…etc



turn on some episodes of angel…maybe it will kill itself


you fucked son


Open all your windows and your outside door and just start swinging that broom wildly. If your house ain’t that big then you should scare it away eventually. Then just chase that shit outside.


If he won’t leave on his own via opened window, tell a friend to bring a cat over. I bet that will take care of things.


animal control


Have a bat?


I…I will leave now. walks away ashamed


I’m very allergic to cats so that’s a no go.


Fig that was horrible.:rofl:

A real solution. Do nothing. Worse case scenario:You sleep, it bites you, you get some fatal infection. Happens how often now?

Wait wait…you have a or can get a shotgun? If so shoot at it. You’ll get in trouble. Animal cruelty and all that jazz but at least I’ll be amused.

And you’ll be relieved of your bat problem.



in all seriousness, turn off all the lights in your apartment, leave windows open, turn lights on outside. that’s about all you can do.


Buy a whip.


I don’t think they can hurt you. If you don’t want to harm it then just leave a window open I guess.


goddammit. GOD DAMN IT.

I was really looking forward to playing video games all night but now I CAN’T because I’m afraid that at any moment a FREAKING BAT is going to fly at my face.


The bat is as scared of you as you of it.

It is now turtling out of fear. Or perhaps it just went into the wall and back to it’s nest. There is probably a whole family of them in your apartment right now. Plotting against you at a pitches your weak human ears can’t conceive.

You are so fucked.


Absorb your fear and become one with it.

That’s right.



Call Batman.


Might I recommend some peanut butter, jelly, and a baseball? Thats right, you know where I’m going with this…:tup:


Sit down in you draws, socks and BB gun. That’s it. Pop off a few warning shots and that bat will be saying "That nigga shootin’ " and he’ll be out.