There's absolutely no way for the TE sticks to be cross-platform (work w/ 360 & PS3)?

So there’s no way to make the TE sticks cross-platform? No adaptors, no wires or anything will allow it to work with the two consoles. In this forum,, what does jhferry mean when he says this,

“Q: What if I want to mod the joystick to work with both 360 and PS3?
A: You should probably get the 360 one.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What he means is its easier to make a ps3/360 combo stick starting with a 360 stick.
This is because there are no other options for a 360 pcb other than tearing apart a 360 pad and gutting it.
This is because M$ has extra layers of security.
For ps3 support you could order a Cthulu board and add it to the 360 stick.

Alright thanks. And if adding a Cthulhu board has worked succesfully, are there any guides to help me do the same?

2 pcb 1 stick, search it, the guide is very useful