Theres gotta be something I'm missing here

Honestly, if I was losing to just regular character tactics that’d be one thing, but I’m losing to both regular tactics(I guess youd call them) and just scrub tactics, and I fall for the shit all the time. I think I’m just missing something psychologically here, I mean honestly, its not like I’m throwing shit out at random… all the time, I’m trying to read my opponent but alot of the time it just seems I can’t do anything about what they are doing. And I don’t even know my own problems, other than bad execution, horrible reaction time, and anti-airing when blocking would be better, but I want to fucking anti-air just to stop their shit for a split second. You’d think practicing for 2 weeks, online and in training mode, would get me somewhere, but I’m exactly where I was. Will I really not see the slightest improvement by two weeks? And this is two weeks just playing this one character, this isn’t counting the months I played on and off on other characters, where I find I still have the exact same problems.

Yeah 2 weeks with a character isn’t much at all. That and if your problems are bad execution and reaction time, switching characters constantly will only make it more difficult to fix those things.

focusing might help :stuck_out_tongue: i picked my makoto just cus tomboys are uber adorable and i didnt knew SF4 was a game till two weeks ago
i can excecute umm… two short 2 normal 1 special move combos and… thats pretty much it… but the execution of those two are nice.
id guess ill be pwned so bad in online play but sadly i dont have a legit copy yet. and why not to try the characters and the moves that are specialy giving you trouble in training mode? record and find a solution :stuck_out_tongue: it helped me last time i tried it ^^.

good luck! ~focus :>

Those are big problems… you have plenty to work on.

2 weeks is nothing.

Bad execution and horrible reaction time, are 2 pretty major problems that you should practice on. All the tactics in the world won’t matter if you can’t execute what you want, when you want it, and at the right time.

I’m not sure what you mean by anti-airing when blocking would be better. Blocking a jump in is most usually a bad idea, you want to anti-air that shit. Now if you mean you want to do random dragon punches to stop their attacks, then that’s a different story.

Overall it seems like you lack a solid gameplan in your match, if you fall for random shit. You need to be aware of both your options, and your opponent’s options at any given point in time. When you’re able to know what’s possible, then it’s a lot easier to react to a certain move, because you anticipated it would come. Not only that, but it gives you a WORLD of confidence to know a matchup through and through, which boosts up your execution, reaction time, and overall performance in a given match. Learn the matchup first, then you can worry about your opponent’s playstyle and tendencies.

2 weeks is nothing. Time spent playing a game isn’t nearly as important as you think, it’s how you spend your time training that counts. I’m able to beat people who have been playing since Vanilla, but only because I know what it takes to improve at a game, as opposed to just mindlessly playing online matches over and over and over again without stopping to analyze what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and the next step towards becoming better. Take a moment to seriously take a look at your replays, and look at your major weak points in your game, and work on a gameplan to improve that one aspect.

It cannot be understated, how important viewing your own replays, is.

Do reps to improve execution

I would say just stick it out, don’t switch characters again!

I just switched to Chun about a month ago and am having quite the hard time getting her meter-less anti-air game down, something I’ve been fairly good with my old mains.

Ever character has different anti-air options with some characters having to rely on multiple options in varying situations. That said switching characters will greatly exacerbate this issue as you need to relearn new set-ups, attacks, and timing.

If you don’t mind me asking which character are you working on now?