There's loads of zangiefs now



I remember buying sf4 on release day, and choosing zangief. I think I was one of the very few in those first few weeks to use him instead of ken/ryu, now today there’s absolutely loads of them and most are pretty bad.

What do you guys think to the gief population swelling? I’d hate him to become the new ryu/ken/sagat scrub.


My advice: Stop defining yourself by the 1337ness of your character.


If people want to play zangief there’s nothing stopping them.

zangief wont become the new scrub character because unlike ryu/sagat, zangief has some pretty bad match-ups.

When people who just picked up gief get completely stuffed by a seth/sagat or start playing people who know how to punish lariats/EXGH/jump-ins, they tend to ragequit to a new main.

I’ve always loved the challenge of getting inside though.


My advice: stfu and stop thinking you are so good. “oh look at me, i have 2 green bars of rep, but you have like 3 bars or neg-rep LOLOLOLOL 1 am s0 l33t”.

And, there is nothing stopping people from playing zangief, quite right. I have no beef really, its just that there was a thrill of using a character that not many other people used, and now its just kinda gone.

Oh well, its still a great game, with the potential for lots of variety! (notice i use “potential” :P)


The thing is though, theres really not that many more people picking up Zangief. Yes, there is more Zangief users than there ever had been because this is one of the better versions of Zangief, but dont get it wrong. Its NOT like people picking Ryu and Sagat.


well if its that thrill you’re interested in, pick up dan :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan Vs Dan matches are by far the most fun mirror matches possible.


The more the merrier I say. I think since the game has been out for a while, people are gasp finally done using their mains of Ryu and Ken. I did see an influx of Ryu players after Daigo’s Evo2009 win though…

Either way, Gief is a fun character to use. The challenge of “getting in” vs his bad match-ups is fun and rewarding when in the mindset of improving. I think most people who have played against Gief and are now tossing him around have viewed him as an interesting character to check out. Big/quick damage is a great reward.

Besides, I think we can ALL agree that landing a SPD on someone just makes you feel all giddy on the inside. Almost as rewarding as landing the Raging Demon when playing Akuma!

  1. Popularity of a character does not mean everyone who uses said character is a scrub.
  2. I respect all Zangief users except for those who spend literally the entire match spamming lariats.
  3. What happened to this statement?:


retarded discussion…
and here i am joining in cuz im so bored…

if duncaaan wants to play someone unpopular and feel good about it, he should play someone else… someone that will be gone by next iteration.
cuz gief got some wide fan base who loves throw/power characters and will not be gone from sf series.


hahahahaha. I’ve been thinking the same thing. And the gief section seems to be full of retarded discussions lately… (see 360 without jumping) :confused:


haha, yeah, I decided to crawl back, I like this forum, and theres still plenty for me to learn, and this place is the best resource for it, might as well use it.

I take back that statement I made a while ago.


Well, whatever you take, take less… or more! Whatever helps!

No, seriously, man, I didn’t want to offend you. Sorry, if I pissed you off.

In my opinion, popularity should never be a argument for or against something. Not for bands, films, etc. I know to many people defining themselves about what they listen, watch or in your case play. You should overcome such a behaviour and try to kick the other ones ass. That’s what this game is all about.

And first and most important of all, you should have fun. And if you ask me, you’re ruining the fun for yourself by becoming aggro for something like “Why does everyone play my former cool character now?”. Just try to think “Uhhh, look at them. Now they see, how powerful a Gief can be. I always knew it… and now come get some!”.

Have fun, forget the rest!


I recelntly started using el fuerte, I am still bad with him, but he is fun all the same.


Then use Dan, I doubt he will ever go through a popular stint. I main dan and Im lucky if I see another one that didnt just select him for fun every 200 matches.


I am not really known like that here but I have been playing Gief since the game released as well and I started out just playing the game for fun (I am really a Tekken player) but I plan to play SF4 in tourny now…but as far as who I play as in every game I play I pick one charecter and stick with them no matter how anyone feels about it in Tekken I main Kuma and play only Kuma in SF4 I play Gief and only Gief (tho in casuals I will play other chars cause I feel they are much easier charecters to play than Gief)


Haha. I main King and Alt Kuma. Kuma was sooo cheap in Tekken4, even though the game was whack. Cant wait for Tekken BR to bring me back into the series, cuz after Tag it just got lame.