These any good for pad-hacking?

Came across these while browsing around eBay. Anyone know if they’re any good for pad-hacking? I would understand if they’re not. It doesn’t seem to have a brand name on it and is ridiculously cheap o_O

It’s probably easy to hack, but it’s so bootleg, I bet the board wont last to make it worth your while.

They should be easy to hack. I’ve bought controllers from that guy before, they look and feel exactly like Sony controllers except without the Sony branding. The ones I got were generic Dual Shock 2’s and they worked fine with my PS2 to USB adapter if that helps at all. And just so you know, if you order a bunch of stuff from that guy, he will rape you with shipping.


I made a fatal mistake of trying to hack that damn thing, what ever kind of copper they use is such crap that solder barely sticks to it and I mean “BARELY” I ended up having to hold the wire down and hot glue gun the damn thing to the pcb and cross my fingers.

when I finally got all the connections soldered (some glued) properly I found that the cord had a damn short in it. And moving it around too much caused the controller to do weird things. I strongly advise against using this cheap generic piece of shit as a part of your stick project.