These days, it's truly hard for a newbie to pick a main


At least, in my eyes. Street Fighter is such a vast and difficult game to learn, so when looking for the character who’s style you like the best, it’s a bit silly considering that a new player wouldn’t even know.

What I mean is, I barely know the game at all, and I don’t know each character’s strengths. What a noob sees in practice mode with a character they chose is different than what a pro sees in that character, get what I mean?

Which is why I’m posting the topic I’m sure SRK gets all the time. I need help choosing a main.

Character-wise, I like Vega, Akuma, Ibuki, Juri, Bison, Viper, and Fei Long. It’d be nice if I ended up maining any of these characters, but I’d certainly be open to others.

See, there are things I don’t like in some fighters. I don’t like vortex characters, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I should scratch Ibuki off the list, no? I’d also prefer a bit of an easier character execution-wise, but in Street Fighter that’s a tall order. I’d prefer it if they weren’t a charge character as well, but I guess I could live with it.

What I WOULD like is a character with good utility overall, not really weak at anything. Bonus points if they’re not a very common character. Just a few tips for deciding on a definite main would be nice, thanks.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I’m talking about AE


It’s better to check the character specific threads and make a decision for yourself.
Seems like instead of learning and putting time in a character, you want someone to tell you who’s good and use them.
If you want someone who’s good pick Cammy/Seth/Fei
Low execution Most charge characters
Good mix of both shotos

**Just pick who you like and play. **


Want a good character and want to learn the game at the same time?

Choose your weapon. Seriously though when somebody is new to street fighter the answer is normally Ryu.

By this statement you character list is narrowed down to Viper, Juri, Akuma, and Fei Long.

I’ve heard Viper has some pretty nasty execution requirements though.

Akuma got a glass chin that would put Glass Joe to shame. Second only to Seth.

For Juri you will have to work incredibly hard for most of your wins and will have to know the ins and outs of EVERY single normal.

I don’t know any Fei Long players but he normally does pretty good at tourneys.


But of course.

And I agree with picking who I like and playing. I’m just trying to figure out who I like to begin with.


You got 8 people with 8 different characters in top 8 at Evo this year and you can’t choose one?


Thanks, you’ve helped me narrow things down. I suppose I should swallow my pride and learn the game with Ryu for now, and try Fei / Akuma later on.


Not really saying that you SHOULD. It’s just that I’ve seen this way of thinking work for a lot of rookies.
Ryu can normally teach the basics of an FADC, cancelling, linking, and other important shit in a fairly understandable way to the untrained street fighter.

Though i will admit I was pretty ass backwards when i started. Picked Juri day one. 2 years later, one week ago is it that I decided to start playing Ken because he has better chances at tourneys.


Low execution sacrifices tools needed for other characters. For example:
Im hella a fraud. I played Boxer for almost a year and people said I was decent, but I never learned to correctly hit an FADC ultra because I didnt really need it for my character. So when I picked up Ken and Adon I would sacrifice wins because my lack of confidence with FADC ultra stuff.


You have no fuckin clue about your specific playstyle, whether you actually need a low execution character, whether you prefer to play footsies or apply oki games or whatever when starting out.
Just pick a character you think looks nice and learn the very basics of fighting games (antiairing, blocking, spacing, poking, how to advance, how to keep out, basic execution stuff), then decide what you actually want to do and pick a main afterwards.
Picking a main right as you start out doesn’t do you any good because your preferences are bound to change anyways and learning character specific things is just a waste of time.

Picking up a basic character which does everything to an extend (Ryu, Ken, Chun, Guile, Rose, …) so you can see which aspects of the game are the most to your liking while steadily improving your fundamentals is probably the best choice, but ultimately having fun > becoming an EVO winner within a month, so just pick who you like and learn the game. Learning a character comes much later.


I’m not new to fighting games, I’m new to Street Fighter. Regardless, I’ve already received the help I asked for.


I give the same info to every player in your situation.

Just pick Ryu.

]FADC / Meter Management
[]Using specific normals
]Fireball usage
[*]Mixups / Oki
In a single package. Play him until you get an idea.


With Rose he also learns to not mash that Zmotion on the Stick and that invincible Backdashes are broken against people who don’t OS :shy:


Hoo Hoo I forgot Rose, She does a good job too.

Don’t want people relying on backdashes though. Too many people look for 100% out of jail free cards. Blocking is broken against people that can’t mix up.


Playing Dhalsim has taught me a lot: spacing, pokes, blocking, getting out of a corner, anti airing and not mashing buttons.

And the only execution you need is punishes


Yo people what ever happened to aesthetics?? After i saw rufus’s win quotes i was sold. Forget about combos n stuff u can always learn that shit later, all that mattered to me when i started this game was hearing rufus tell ryu and fei that it takes a long time to master kung fu or wiping his forehead and saying what a workout when i got a clutch victory in against a guile. Its all about style :3


When I first hopped on the sf4 boat I had no clue but then a friend of mine told me to try trail mode and go through charters that your interested in and then just see what fits you I love el furte and I found him through trails and it also teaches you links and most of there specials but yeah happy testing :slight_smile:


Pick who you like. There are basics to learn but applying them to every character is different and you will have to learn how to apply those basics within matchups. It’s going to be an equally grueling process for each character in the game. You want to pick some one you like and stick with them that way its easier to learn an understand the different mindgames that go on in matchups because your comfortable. This process is no different for any character and if your going to be spending that much time playing someone you better damn well like them right? Connection and being able to feel like your character is representing you and your whole psychology on the screen is important.


My advice would be to pick 2 characters. A shoto, because they’re the basics, and someone else. When you get beaten with one, switch to the other.

That way you won’t pick up too many bad habits, and you’ll get a more thorough understanding of the game because you’re not always approaching it the same way.

If I could go back, that’s what I would do. But alas, I mained Ken and only ken for a long time. I still main Ken, he’s my dude, but I wish I’d picked up cammy, bison or c.viper at the same time. Then I would have the double threat truly going on.