These forums suck!

On topic, happy?

the old thread is there for a reason, go post in there :slight_smile:

Usually people get all upset when you post in old threads. Since im new here, I tried to play it safe. It seems its the opposite here. No reason to get cocky.

well you’re off to a terrific start

Whoever the mods are, just delete this along with my account. Im just trying to get a little info here and im greeted on my first post by a rude bastard. If this is the sort of people in these forums then I really don’t want any part of it.

The thread you found was in Fighting Game Discussion forum, but you created an identical thread in a different forum??

People only complain about old threads being resurrected if it’s just some random post. Asking for into won’t get people’s panties in a bunch if you’re nice enough.

That said, posting in the wrong section will get you trolled. This is GD, as the rules state, nothing fighting game related should get discussed here.

Yeah these forums seem to be filled with elitist assholes. If a mod won’t delete this and my account, will I have to get myself a banned? I come in here attempting to show a little respect and I was met with rude comments by retards who seem to think their better then everyone because they sit on their ass all day posting 1000s of comments.

OP iz fagat.

It says he edited his posts, but nothing changed. I’m confused.

He can edit his posts as much as he wants to but it’ll contain shit regardless.

I think this is the thread you’re looking for, bud…

It was one guy and you act like everyone attacked you lol

…What the hell happened?

Posting in legendary thread… :coffee: