"These legs need a body!" Chun-li Synergy thread



Well what do you guys thing is a good teammate for Chun-li? For me right now I’m messing with a team of Chun-li X Balrog since chun is more of a midrange character, but she’s able to zone with her fireballs plus she’s able to close in. I’m not familar with their combo situation because of my suckiness with combos, but right now it’s seeming to work.

So what about you guys?


I think Cammy does quite well with Chun, she’s pretty annoying when in your face, good normals, AA etc. Give it a try:)


I found that Akuma works well with chun li, I made a few combos this morning and there pretty sweet, check them out



nice1, +1 for the soundtrack:china:


I agree. Her meterless damage output is crazy, too. I have a video here that showcases some of Chun-Li’s synergy with Cammy. 513 damage tag combos for two meters, etc.



Wow thanks for posting. I thought this game went dead


Rufus works well as a partner in either position, but you probably knew that already.

Shotos work very well especially in 2nd, with Chun out first.


Who doesn’t work well with her??? She builds a shit-ton of meter, can easily get boost combos and sets up easy safe tags/grounded tag combos with LL & SBK.

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I agree. I think that, in a strange twist of fate, Chun-Li has become the Ryu of Street Fighter X Tekken. She has the tools to do everything. Not exceptionally well, mind you, but she can still do everything.

Also, I missed a variant of that Spinning Bird Kick tag-in that does more damage than a Cross Art with Cammy. It’s the second combo in this video here:



I run Chun with ibuki great synergy between those two.

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My team is Chun / Jin. Chun for footsies and to build meter. Jin for damage and mixup’s.


I “main” Kazyua and I find that Chun is a nice partner for him. Grounded tag in(SBK) for full EWGF combo is always nice.
She covers up the space where Kazuya can’t. With the meter gain from Chun it’s easy having enough bars for tag ins.


Hey guys, I’m planning two teams with the following chars: Cammy/Chun-Li X Heichachi/Ogre. Not sure of the combinations however.

Does Cammy or Chun-Li have a better ‘get off me’ move to pair with Heihachi? Ogre has Ancient Power, so I might run Chun-Li X Ogre.


cammy has her DP wich is nice, Chun needs bar for either an EX-SBK reversal, or an alpha-counter.


Well I’m starting this game up today. I’ve decided for sure on Chun but I’m not sure who to use with her. I’m interested in Poison, Christie, Xiaoyu, and Julia.

Maybe Nina/Juri/Ryu/Lei Wulong if they work really well. Any thoughts??


Well Chun’s damage output is below average so you would want to have a relatively high damaging character as your secondary , personally i am doing Chun X King as Chun has an excellent neutral game and can bring King in really well and King has an amazing damage and mixup potential so i think the work together pretty well .

I believe Poison and Chun pretty much serve the same purpose , ChunX Christe could work as Christe has really high mixup game and high damage too .
Chun X Xiaoyu could work too i think , Chun X Julia can be interesting too because both has really good footsies .
Chun X Nina would be incredible , Chun X Juri would be a little bit weird as now with Juri’s nerf she doesn’t deal as much damage anymore .
Chun X Ryu would be good , as Ryu is still a really good well rounded character .
don’t know much about Lei .


Thanks for the response. I’ve been playing around with a few characters and while I like Christie… I’m a little concerned about the lack of damage on tag combos. I think my playstyle in this game is going to be kind of lame… I prefer a footsie game over the up-close mixup heavy game that the Tekken characters seem to want to do. So I think tag combos are going to be important for me so that I can get damage. To be honest… Christie is the only Tekken character who I don’t seem to hate how she plays. Maybe I should focus on the SF cast and see who I like there.


i was thinking about using Chun li and akuma. i tried chun and asuka but i dont know enough about asuka to be good with her. chun and akuma both dont have much health and their pretty decent with footsies but is it a good team? im only putting akuma in cos of his high damage and his great fireball game


You always try another shoto (Ryu is never a bad idea for starters) if you feel that Akuma is dying out too fast for you. They are pretty solid in SFxT.

Chun/Asuka is always Chun out first, Asuka 2nd. Vids here to give you an idea how that team is played:


i know about the chun li and asuka team. thats what i wanted to use in the 1st place but i dont know enough about asuka. i dont know if she has any standing normal to cancel into lift kicks and after i do lift kicks i do the jumping heavy kick then try to do the anti air grab but for some reason it always comes out late and i dont know any asuka mix ups or combos so i might do ken and chun li instead or ken and akuma