These new controls ruin me

unless i’m missing something–

i used to play on ps2; i used the shoulder buttons for PP/KK…

i used PP to dash… PP/KK for omega red’s tentacles… i used them for whatever.

now i’m on xbox360 (fightpad at least) and there’s no option for this in the controls.

…what’s the secret to pressing these; i mean, it doesn’t seem right to just like, rotate my thumb/hand 90 degrees to press either of the two buttons together.

i could make the pp and kk parallel with my thumb positioning, but it would take getting used to as well…

what do you guys do?

Use two fingers. You can rest your hand on the pad, gripping the pad with your thumb from underneath. Then you can use your index, middle and even ring finger for the buttons.

Also, since I’m assuming by fightpad you mean the MadCatz ones, the buttons on that thing are big enough and close enough that you can actually press two at the same time with just the tip of your thumbs, although this is not always accurate.

yeah i keep ending up with my hands like that, but i was having a problem doing the ‘magic’ combo… just need to get used it. x_x