These Sagats are Really Ruining my Fun


I’m not saying they’re scrubs so don’t get your panties in a twist. I main Dan and and Blanka so I play them most of the time. I am trying to get better with Cammy since I want to try rushing down. Every character in the game is a reasonable challenge when I use Dan, the match could go both ways. But when I face Sagat, its like fighting a character who is clearly superior to mine.

They have their cursor on Ken, so I choose Dan. Once my Dan’s portrait flashes and is locked in, he zooms his cursor to Sagat, tricking me. At this point I know the match is over, I can’t win. Sometimes I Get him into a knock down >> Focus attack >> Knockdown loop but by the third round he squeaks out a win with a combo into his Ultra that takes half my health. It has gotten to the point where playing Sagat makes me miserable. My mentality is that Sagat is a character to use if you want an easier time winning. I can testify that 90% of my matches where I beat someone with my Dan, they went to Sagat the second time around.

What should I be doing to try and keep the game fun even when fighting impossible battles?


Even when I lose horribly…I try to take something positive away from the match. Like what I did wrong, what I did right, etc. Anything to help me improve. Just remember, it’s a game and it’s main purpose is to entertain.


i have the same issue, but instead of Sagat, it’s Balrog and Chun. I give you props for using dan, i can’t use him at all.

don’t let the character select screen psych you out…just use you’re character. mind games start at the char select screen. i think you have the advantage coz ppl underestimate dan.

and for the fun factor, just dont let it get to you…when the game stops being fun and my smiles and jokes go away while i play, i take a break. if ur fighting a sagat, lame it up…as i always say, make him play your game, don’t play theirs.


Whenever I do my Super Taunt those Saggots always hit me before I even get the first roll. Truly the worst thing you could do in Street Fighter, you should lose 2000 points for that.


Fix this first.


Let him play what character he wants, there’s no need of fixing this.


If you’re arguing that maining Dan makes me a scrub, I can argue that maining Sagat means you don’t deserve those wins.


I’m not accusing you of being a scrub, but when it comes down to it Dan is just bad. If you want more wins don’t use him, otherwise you’re gonna have problems.


Dan got pretty buffed in Super, and his new Ultra can be connected by DP fadc just like Ryu’s.

Super is moving into an ideology that being a joke character doesn’t mean you have to suck anymore. Dan has been severely reworked last we heard. You can be silly in SF and still be relevant now. So no need to tell him to switch mains at this point of the game.

That said, the matchup with Dan and Sagat is a bad one, but it sounds like the way Sagat is beating you is no different than the way he beats everyone else. Just have to learn the matchup and what you can do to punish him better and keep trying hard. Knowing relief is coming in Super.


I don’t want to use a character that will guarantee me wins I want to use a character that shows my skill. Playing as Sagat in Player Match is like playing against a 5 year old, if you win then its not an achievement.


…I don’t know a thing about the Dan/Sagat match up. But imma go out on a limb here and say that its PROBABLY in Sagats Favor. I dunno, call me crazy. But hey, Sagats online suck usually anyway. So you could probably get away with getting the health lead and then running away.

Dan is the best character for gimmicks like the timer-scam.

Neutral jump and taunt over those fireballs.
Kara-Taunt through the fireballs.
Duck-taunt them.

You’re dan, be hilarious. It’ll frustrate him and he’ll do desperate things.

My point is, As dan…Don’t try to fight Sagat, lol. You won’t win.


You should be able to hide character selection in player match if you’re the host.

Also Laswagga running away after a life lead is a great way to win, but it feels like I’m out noobing a noob. I want to Gadoken into Super Taunt at the end of the round dammit!

Taunting under high tiger shots used to get them mad and start spamming tiger knees but it seems that they’ve formed an anti Dan organization and agreed to not get psyched out.


A). Just because someone is using a higher tier doesn’t mean they suck. Though you’re right that most dudes online who use them online do suck, so just block and punish their dumb shit and get down. Number 1 misconception of playing scrubs is thinking they won’t do the same stupid ass things again and again, but they will.

B) I’m not saying that you have to pick Rog or Ryu, there are a bunch of mid-tiers to go by. At the very least don’t complain about losing when you are using the dead last tier. Gotta expect it.


Also choose your dude no matter who you face, if you are really dedicated you shouldn’t run from matchups.


Running away wisely with the life lead is not noobing it up. its called playing lame :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes my friends are at my house and when she sees my pink guy running away from a stacked muay thai master, she is not impressed.

I need to get better fighting sagats, or really anyone you like, anyone on Xbox Live wanna fight a Dan? PM me if you’re itnerested.


I’m not sure how this flew over your heads but I was referring to you wanting to avoid matchups against Sagat with Dan. Doesn’t matter who he uses, you can just use whoever. If you want the blind select feel, cover up your opponents side of the screen during the character select screen.


Just so you know, this is never a good strategy against anyone who is paying attention. The focus can easily be reversal-ed out of, and often thrown as well.


He can cancel it into his ultra, you bet your ass I’m going to hit him out of it.


If losing bothers you, don’t play Dan. He has no good matchups, does bad damage, is terrible at footsies, has a terrible walk speed and dash, and has a very bad fireball.

No one will give you extra props for winning with Dan. Winning with Dan requires even more work than any other character. If someone picks Sagat and you pick Dan and then you lose, they outplayed you. Period.

Sagat does not ‘guarantee’ wins. He has to work like everyone else. This is a forum for competitive SF players. Get it out of your head that “low tier is cool simply by being low tier.” Whatever gets you wins is good.

You have given us no real information of the problems you’re having against Sagat. This is not a livejournal for your angst. We are willing to help you in the matchup but you have to give specifics. Again, the easiest way to improve your chance of winning is to pick a better character, but it’s still possible to win with Dan versus Sagat. It’s just incredibly hard and you have to work much more than the Sagat.

You say you lose because he combos into ultra on you? Well that means you weren’t blocking. If Sagat has two EX bars and an ultra, that means that he wants to do random TU -> ultra on you! It’s really easy to see coming. Stop doing things that Sagat can uppercut if you keep getting uppercutted. Odds are that at the level you’re currently playing at they’ll uppercut anyway and you can punish.