These wannabes that keep screaming 'Ey!'

Do they realize how faggoty they sound? They should just come out and wear their “nippon” headbands and speak their anime-taught pigeon-Japanese. Fucking faggots gaying up matchvideos…

Ey! Ey! Ey! Ey! EY!.. EY!!!

too good.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

It’s kinda cool when you’re the one being cheered for but I just feel wrong doing it myself. Heh, then I get called an asshole for not doing it.

faggeeet :lol:

Voice that opinion at evo and listen to the utter silence followed by angry grunts that will insue. :lol:

I think if you don’t “EY!” in Japan for Yun… you get banished.

It works in Japan because it’s something that came about naturally in Japan. They didn’t copy it from anybody thinking it’d make them cool or anything. That’s cool with me. It’s just dumb when people copy it just because they want to be just like the Japanese. I’m not condemning anybody that might take clues from what the Japanese do, but c’mon, this chanting ‘ey’ stuff is pretty stupid.

US Audience reactions in Marvel > US reactions in Third Strike

Actually, I was goin “EY” (& assumed most everyone else was too) because of the movie Bloodsport. Shows how much I know (or knew) :rolleyes: .

I’ve noticed a lot of anger as far as U.S. reactions to games are concerned. Mainly at MvC2, which is probably why we (they) are so good. Being so damn aggresive and all.

I still think we need goofy ass announcers for every tournament.

i remember the norcal frankie3s VS …eer

" ey ey ey "

for me …


I know for a fact that the “wave” started in ballparks around the US.

and then other countries started doing it too…

are they gay too?

or ur just stupid.

I encourage ppl to do “ey!” for GJ combos all the time.

in fact do it at every situation possible

like when chun hits her super… go “eyeyeyeyeyeyey … pause… eyeyeyeyeyey… pause … EEEEEYY!!!”

not ey all the time


" OIE! OIE! "

" OSH ! OSH ! "

" WOO ! WOO ! "

**THE BEST !! **


this happen to be tokido VS JustinW in evo 2k2


kinda agree with chicken here

japanese doing “ey!” … kinda gay but not as gay as american worshippers doing “ey!”

we don’t have to copy “EVERYTHING” :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the japanese are as crazy for american culture as we are for japanese culture.

I think the whole peace sign and blue jeans thing was ours, then they just took off with it.

Could be wrong though.

People think I’m mad just because a fad that started in Japan made its way here. That’s not it at all. I just think the audience sounds horrendously idiotic because they don’t pull it off very well, which is probably because it’s not something that came out of sincerity (3rd Strike doesn’t have as large a following as JPN, so it’s harder to find a large group of people that know how a combo goes, much less predict how the player will execute it). Following a trend is one thing, but the way they say ‘ey’ really shows nothing but hardcore fanboyism to its most flaming extent.

Really now.

maybe they are just trying to have fun with a video game.


they dont pull it off well, ok, so let them practice

plus its only for GJ combos, its not like they do it everytime Ken lands short short super.






Not true.

Haunts has me with the ‘trying to have fun’ part, but that doesn’t always justify behavior, or make it less gay.

Well ya know gay is in the eye of the beholder. Some people see gay everywhere they look.

Ok then, at this year’s Evo, ask the tournament organizers to ban all the “ey” chant.

or just tell whoevers’ doing it to shut up cuz u think its gay, and see how dumb u’d look.

When ppl start to think that goin “ey! ey! ey!” on every combo is lame then they will eventually stop, no need for complains, or gaying up the 3s thread.