TheShend: The 3rd Strike Web Site


Alright, something I’ve had inscribed on the fleshy tablets of my brain for a while now but have suddenly had the impetus to start and I need YOU SRK, yes YOU, to help.

I had an offer last year from someone to make a website for me and one was made, but didn’t have any content and I couldn’t provide any due to the time sink and stress of attempting to become a high school teacher. That is now just a horrible memory and the offer for the website is still there so I can now seriously commit to collating, organising and making something like a proper 3rd Strike website.

The main thrust of the website is it will provdie information about 3rd Strike in a number areas such as arcades, players, tournaments, videos and general miscellenay. In a sense, if you’re going abroad and want to know if there’s an arcade that sports 3rd Strike this will be the place to go. It may go further with game/character data but there are already places tha offer that atm.

If we take Gamer’s Vision for example, you’d have the rudimentary info such as address but also loads of pictures, official site links, blog links, video links, detailed information on what events they run, how often, how much, the players you can expect to play against (all tagged to a much more comprehensive Japanese player index, more later), if they’re part of larger tournaments, popularity (visitor testimonials?) and possibly some sort of feedback feature.
So in essence Gamer’s Vision would have it’s own robust page, which is nothing majorly different from their own sites but my site would be an everything ‘under one roof’ approach. Other arcades will be present you may or may not have known about.

I think this is where I want to start collating information and where you good men at SRK come in, what other information would you like to see? Either as a visitor, a player, out of interest or as a resource? As you’ll be helping in providing information I thought it best we thrash out what should appear?
Once we’ve sorted out a template of information each Arcade has, we’ll run through them one by one until everything’s there. When we’ve got a good number of arcades worldwide sorted we’ll move onto the player index, which I really want to take much further than the translation list at present.

I’d like to go live with website when there’s enough information to warrant it, that may be when 1 area is finsihed like the Arcades, or more. It’ll depend on the demand from people to see it.

What say you SRK? Will you help me build it?

Here’s a list of things I’ve thought of which would be useful for an Arcade’s resource page:

]Location (with images)
[]No. of cabinets with 3rd Stike
]Price, Opening Hours etc.
[]Other titles available
]Famous players
[]Images of arcade
]Types of event run (RanBats, official SBO Qualifier etc)
[]Highlights (an embedded video/links or a number particular spectacular/fun/interesting matches)
]Tournament/RanBat/event history (with images)*
[]Video list & history (with original file names)
That’s all I could think of atm, if there’s anything else you think should be included then let it be known, I want it to be comprehensive as possible so throw it out there. When everyone’s happy on the format we’ll begin the compiling information for an arcade at a time and then review it. And so on.

*I was thinking if we all manage to sort out the file names for videos then potentially we could provide decent torrents, as many folk will already have the videos?

Many Thanks


TheShend you are awesome! You already have done so much for the 3s community…
I can provide some dataz for the German scene if it helps.


How about player profiles and achievements…and the rising new players that are stepping up to the plate in the 3s scene…maybe it could inspire more and more players to say “if they can come out of nowhere and prove themseves I can too”…just a suggestion


That’s exactly how I want to develop the player index, each with their own page, mugshots, achievements, linked videos, names, characters used, colours etc.

It’s what I want to do after the Arcade section really, but that’s bang on the nail what I’m looking to do :tup:


All I want to know is:

Do you play 3S and can I watch videos of you playing? Because considering you have seen every trick in the book you should be pretty handy.

Do you come to any NeoEmpire events? I notice you post on there sometimes. Were you at Rebirth or battle of Destiny?

Thanks for all the work/community contribution bro. Hit me up next time you’re in London.


oh snap lol we have common ideas to help the community…2 minds are better than 1 lol

maybe if you include an online section…ill drop you links from the 2df ranbats that im holding…i alread have the first ranbat of the 2nd season up and the second ranbat is done i just need to split it up and upload it…i guess we moving the ball now arent we lol


2df ranbats? is 2df better then ggpo for 3s? i need to try it out i guess


2df is not better input lag kills it especially during genei=jin juggles


I would love to see information on how to pull certain things off (There are certain links in this game that I can’t figure out at all). Maybe a small FAQ for each character.

Also maybe some general stuff that we see getting asked here. Like, “Dealing with turtle style players” and “Learning how to balance your gameplay.”

But either way: Thanks for doing this TheShend!


its not as jerky as ggpo though…ive played on both and if i want smooth games with players in the US i go to 2df…if i want to play for the competition but have lag that can affect my combos and yet have (almost) no input delay i go to ggpo
(having spectators join in the middle of a GJ combo isnt the best feeling in the world…at least in 2df i dont miss my combos…if i do it would be because i messed it up myself)

but hey everyone is entitled to their opinions

i use both so im not picking sides



Give it time.


yes please clap clap clap


Looking forward to this. How about a page covering So Cal 3S, Rockefeller commentaries, and Gootetcks and co. going to SBO?


very cool man, loving the banner! If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know!


Make a Dander is da bess section


Looks good Shend. I think the idea is def on the right track and seems to have good momentum behind the project. I really like the idea of player biographies. It would be great to have a side bar linking to their videos or most famous moments. Pictures of the players are nice as well. I must admint I’m becoming familiar with many players but could not put a name to a face so something like this could help. English dan rankings would be really cool as well. Perhaps character thumbnails that categorize players by that character so people can trend their favorite players and newbies. Likes and popularity are also cool ways of showcasing things.


I like what I see!

Insight with characters, like what ReNiC did with his Alex vs. Yun vid series thing would help. And I like ideas about certain situations. Like, show a situation that one might encounter in the game through demonstration videos, etc.).

I dunno. But this sounds fucking legit, Shend. Keep it up, sir!


nice, thanks.

Very good already Sir.


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also can you make Urien’s bulge more profound in the banner? if the man is gonna fuck the shit out of you, ya better make it known before hand


I’m hoping you’re willing to take in other people to write stuff, like player profiles, news, articles, etc. Not that I’m volunteering or anything, but it’ll make things easier for you and everyone. Maybe even start a 3s wiki?