TheStruggleisREAL4 brokeEngineerStudentsinIndia-NESTLE destroying 50MILLion worth of Instant Noodles


Yeah, that makes sense!


One word isnt… (necessar-il-y, any kind of descriptor…)


Neesa Birthday Thread - Hatred In The Lounge, Love In Here

Why the fuck is HAX linking to a Filipino news site?


The same way you homepage Rick Ross exercise stream sites. Paywall paid up.

Like them latest white people craze - European living streams, bathroom/showers included. Ol Cam whore Rap more more calorific moguley.

It was the only website that had them, and cared about India, apparently. “India indians are Asian too!” is kinda funny, however.


Ya’ know, I really like Hannibal. Damn good show. Highly recommend it.


first it was the Shoryukenlounge

now its the

don’t they know:

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no wonder most picked maruchan

maruchan is the worst I rather eat nissin


Maruchan and TOP RAMEN. That shit use to be breakfast lunch and dinner, talk about poverty meals.
For breakfast, Ramen with cheese. For lunch, ramen with hot sauce and for dinner, ramen with lunch meat or chopped up hotdogs. Been ramen free for almost a decade now. Niggas aint livin’ in squalor no more.


shin ramyun for sure.


Yeah, I get the picture!


I stopped eating ramen noodles once I realized how much sodium is in most of them. I don’t know of any other meal that comes so compact and yet gives you almost three days worth of your daily recommended sodium intake.

Not gonna lie though, they do make a great snack though on a cold winter night…



ok then you weirdo. If we have to, per your indirect request thinking you’re going unchallenged and already made up your mind, where your dumb insult = fact. But are crying over one alert instead of even wasting anybody’s time to know what your eventually stupid beef is. Stupider than when I post in topics on topic, soon enough razor makes a double post to try to shit on me, but fail because he is drunk 300% of the time he is on this website. So there is no neeed to ever respond to him because he is just making a fool out of himself, yakkin all over his keyboard. Just like you did, namedrop someone else to avoid a direct conflict because you don’t really want it and will be proven wrong 10 times over.

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Your post is Off Topic. “Fact.” I don’t remember changing it but I originally pressed that button 1st. Get mad.

why are you posting off topic. I’ll skip the bullshit sentence writing you did with “I wonder why this dumb motherfucker is namedropping nobodies he thinks I should know about in my thread like its hios livejournal page, crybaby scrub tier human being” You cannot explain how your post was on topic, because even with the edit, it still makes no sense. Why did you not post anything about the subjects in the thread, like everyone else, even with a second chance to post, but instead attack the author with a drive by bullshitting passive aggressive tangent nobody has ever talked about, not even you directly to me, ever even once. Did you talk about this in my last thread 9 months ago? No. There is no case precedent so you are making things out of thin air because of your problem or confusing me with someone else, as you have shown. You fail. Editing a post to add a new aler-a-name does not work. If you need to talk to this other person, take that shit out of my thread that has nothing to do with me. You cannot distinguish between someone who can handle your dumb shit and counter all of it completely especially as weak as you tried to bring it that made no sense and someone you think is weaker than you AKA: Who the hell is that (someone not in the thread - therefore = you dumb nigga) nobody knows or cares because the fuckall has to do with Ramen being thrown away in India.

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What’s missing from the article is who did the testing, and what kind of levels of lead did they find. Destroying a whole warehouse full like this is insane precedents. Talk about a big win for competing companies to move in on all these shelves going to be empty of this product, while they may even wonder if they should continue production at that same factory and go further into loss and debt.


Damn this thread made me miss ramen so much, i tried making a substitute. I bought a can of bean sprouts, which can have a mildy noodle-like texture depending on how you cook them, and some chicken bouillon cubes.

Put it in a microwave w/water + 2-3 cubes. Nuke it for about 8-10 minutes and let cool off for a while.

The result? Ok but not great.


Wow, calm down son.

That’s one hell of a block of nonsense and rage. Didn’t think you’d blow up like that over something that innocuous.


yeah were supposed to talk about you and your dumb opinion : not the subject of the thread

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So sensitive. It’s like you haven’t posted in GD before or something. I can only imagine the salt if @angelpalm deigned it half-way worthy to bother with this thread.

I know GD is the Wild West nowadays, but damn, bro, take a chill pill.

To hand WAH his Prep H, I can’t say I’ve heard of half of those brands. Going with the ones I know, I’d say Maruchan, but frankly, all them instant ramen things are food substitutes.

SRK Lounge: Ring in the reign of Edward Buttholehands

You tripping, Lordwilliams is the disease and Hax is the cure.

Basically the pony plague is so terrible that the internet itself spawned the raging demon bot that is hax in an attempt to correct the bad coding like some kind of matrix reboot featuring cameo’s from Bob and Hexadecimal


I only did that once and I undid it shortly afterwards. Sheesh…


who the fuck you think youre talking to
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Ah, now THERE’S the WAH I know.

Though, out of all that unintelligible (and still so surprisingly angry) shit, I saw something that sounded like you were calling my post unfocused…

I just don’t get where all the hostility came from on one minor wisecrack that wasn’t meant to be any serious deep insult. I look at GD, see two threads right after one another that have words crammed in like they were going out of style, and my first thought was “oh, spambot”. Then I saw you postin’ 'em. Thought a simple wisecrack in one of 'em about it would have just blown over. But then you write dissertations on the amount of disrespect it caused you, and I just couldn’t help myself after that.

You think I actually cared that I got flagged by you? I thought it was just your kneejerk reaction and that’s it. Had I known you would’ve exploded like that, I woulda just left it alone. Though, in the end, I think the end result is better than what I had anticipated.