They don't make fight scenes like they used to


Compared to fight scenes today this has so much more personality and flair.


That one’s my favorite.

hmmm, i agree in some cases but not all


“Ah, the capitn’s blade is not so firm!”

“I am rubber, you are glue!”

:u: Edit: I couldn’t watch that shit. Too much slo-mo is exactly what’s wrong with most modern fight scenes.

no camera angle bullshit, just raw skill.

you guys are really hating on 300??? i dont know if i can post in this thread anymore in hopes of maintaining my image as a man.

um, that fencing looked real dangerous

That’s because Tyrone Power and Basil Rathbone are genuine Fencing Masters.


Had to share this one.

AH!! I’m glad I’m not the only who feels the same way. Everything I see the slow mo effect in a movie for no fucking reason it pisses me off. That shit is so overused that the movie industry killed it. Sometimes I think the matrix should not have been made :shake:

Awesome videogame-style special effects

Yeah, the scene would’ve been 10x better WITHOUT the slo-mo. All it does is lengthen it unnecessarily and really doesn’t do anything beneficial except SHOW OFF THE COOL THINGS THEY DID WITH CG. :lame:


That first fight/fencing scene was too dope. I don’t think they allow actors to do that anymore.
Here’s three of my favorites.
Jakie Chan vs Benny The Jet:
Jet Li vs M. Bison:
Col. Kane vs Bar:
Most of these are my favorites on how they tie into the movies. If you’ve never seen The 9th Configuration check it out, it’s a perfect movie about being human :china:

Somewhat a perfect fight scene?
[media=youtube]JqSWIcDghjk[/media] ( Grand Master Yip Man)

Far from it.

While they are great martial artists it’s ruined by the editing.

ya lik

man this is awesome

when you have real actors in action scenes

and not “action stars” or “stunt doubles”

Yeah, it’s so cool that it keeps going fast, then slow, then fast, then slow.
It’s also cool how the slow motion shows the guy in the background at 1:06 react before he gets stabbed. (Yes, he’s in the background, but he is pretty much the center of attention in that part)

The Ip Man thing, I don’t think it’s really the editing, I just think the camera positions in some shots were somtimes weird and unnecessary. Bad directing > bad editing.


man fight.

@Op i understand your reasoning for why you think yours is better, but imo the different styles of fight scenes is what makes all of them unique.

Oh shit, it’s the dude from Men in Tights!:rofl::rofl:

These old movies had much less cuts and the sound effects were from the swords actually hitting eachother, not overdubbed on top.

Not like all these lame slow-mo, overdubbed, highly edited, shaky-cam, cg, fighting scenes of modern times.