"They like me, they really really like me!" (The Ryu Thread)

2nd most popular character online. As everyone knows, cr. rh->fake fb is too freaking good


Everything > Fake Hadoken is a beautiful sight.

Easier Shoryuken inputs now make it harder to do walking>sweep>Hadoken. I’m getting a lot of sweep>Shoryukens. Will probably get used to it in time. That’s more of a fb motion gripe than a specific Ryu issue.

Any tips on getting a hadouken out after a FP, like in the combo j.fp c.fp Hadouken? I cant seem to get it out, it just plays through the c.fp anim. Any tips on the timing?

I got some guile troubles…it seems like they all are the same…they arent good…but they still maul me…

they sonic boom/j.mk/c.mk/ Sonicboom or Overhead kick or backhand or throw…

It seems like if the guile’s timing is right I cant DP his jump…then im just harassed…

I got a few tips arleady…but if any has something on their minds…id be glad to hear it

Just hit a downback motion before the FB motion and you should be good.

The fake Hadoken animation seems too fast to work in baits from long range (well against me IMO).
But it works great in blocked combos to fake em out in close range.

Ryu1999, I will be playing allot through out the week-end, I want to test my fat Honda against your Ryu :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree. the fake fireball is beast. i’ve used it pretty successfully towards the end of rounds in close matches. everyone always expects you to fireball space em and just fireball em to death. i throw one and then fake and they always try to jump in on me to finish off. :slight_smile:

How useful is Ryu’s air-to-air jumping mp juggle? Is it worth going for? Also, is is possible to get in all hits of the super after the second j.mp?

The 1st being…?


Unless you’re playing Brian or some other pro, most guiles can’t match your fireballs, so just keep throwing them, and learning to stop and back up a little so you have enough space and time to jump rh any of his jump attempts.

Okay, pretty insignificant point of contention here but I swear I’ve seen at least four times more Ryus than Kens so far, playing PSN scoreboard quick matches. (Second is definitely Ken or Akuma.)

Don’t forget your hurricane kick can go over sonic booms too

Really? Like Deadfrog, I would have said in my experience so far in player matches I’ve definitely seen more Ryus than most other characters, but then again - I guess Ken & Ryu are pretty interchangeable and which ever surplus you meet will probably balance out on another day.

I think the c.mp, c.mk link is much easier to do now. Anyone else feel that way about it?

am I tripping or does low fwd look like it hits further than usual?

Anything more about fake FB’s?

which matchups are people currently having problems with due to the tweaks from the other characters?

I think more people are going to have problems with Blanka because they’re so used to Blanka not having the Roll be a factor since you could reversal red fb it regardless of hit or block.

But against 90% of blankas you can just sit there and mash cr. mp and there’s nothing he can do. It stops the rolls, as well as almost all of Blanka’s ground moves including the slide and any cute hop->throw shenanigans. The only move that beats it clean is Blanka’s cr. rh, but its a pretty slow move, and if you can get blanka to start throwing those out in anticipation of cr. mp, you can start jumping on him. You have to be good at dping from crouch as well, but seriously that along with cr. mp, (as well as being able to reversal out of st. strong->throw if he somehow manages to get in), are good enough to shut down even experienced blanka players

I too think Ryu is the most picked character.

What I like the most is when they move the cursor all around the screen trying to juke you and when you get to the versus screen it’s all like… WOW ANOTHER RYU WHAT A SURPRISE

does anyone have any tips for doing c.mk super?
i saw this in a vid is the timing just really crucial?

How do we play against hondas?

can any normals hit headbutts? ive been raped too many times by honda i need a general strat

Make sure you reach f after df, else you will get a shoryuken, possibly giving the round away.

The mp juggle is good if you know you will hit, as it pretty much confirms 40-50% life bar. But only if you know you will hit: you should definitely not jump forward out of nowhere just to try and land it. The number of airbone hits you can do with super is:[list]
[]4: up to one previous j.str hit;
]3: 2 previous hits from j.str;
[*]2: 3 previous hits from j.str[/list]