They really Irritate Marduk - Gem load out Discussion



Okay, Gems.

Let me put this out there first, I know they are banned in tournaments, I know some of us think they are cheap, and some of them are stupidly good, but let us put all our hatred aside and turn into online warriors like myself for a couple of minutes.

Since I do not live in a place where fighting games are not popular in the slightest and only me and my friend play fighting games seriously, Gem banishment will get us no where online.

SO, with that out of the way.

What is YOUR load out for Marduk, for specific characters? Your own playstyle? Just use the defaults?

My personal load outs as of now are;

Assault - For non-projectile characters
Immense power - Connect with 3 special moves
Divine Speed - Block 5 Attacks
Onslaught - have 4 of my Attacks blocked


  • Immense Power, I chose this one because with Marduk, you will be using his 2 command grabs almost all of the time, so I thought it was only common sense to have this one as his power gem.
  • Divine Speed, To be fair, I only chose this one because I seem to block a lot and Marduk really needs a speed boost, so I thought it was only right to have it
  • Onslaught, obviously, Marduk needs meter to do his most damaging stuff and to have EX Command throw for it’s invincibilty and range, so the reasoning behind the condition is because I usually drop my links, but always follow up blocked (or even hit) links into a command throw, moar meter for me plz :smiley:

Shoto - For projectile specific teams and characters
Fortitude - Get hit by 2 special moves
Fortitude - Get hit by 1 EX special move
Divine Speed - Block 5 attacks

Honestly, this load out is pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go into detail…I’ll just say I find myself using this one the most ¬¬

Share your gem load outs.


first of all, i LOVE your name… makes me giggle like a lil girl for some reason… and now that thats out of the way:

i like your gem loadouts for craig… i ESPECIALLY like the block 5 attacks divine speed which i had not previously thought of for dealing with shotos/plasma fags.

my gem loadout consists of partner launcher damage buff (marduk does more damage when his partner connects with launcher) self explanatory plus i get more bonus damage if i guess right on wakeup mixup/pressure after HP gator slam. and after that i have fortitude gems the most important one being that i take less damage after being hit by 4 normal moves as it allows me to tag at bad opportunities and not lose half a lifebar everytime, plus i get more life on resulting wakeup if i guess wrong.

i think ill take your diveine speed gem and combine it with the ones i already have as im very happy with the 2 gems i have but cant even remember the 3rd one ive got.



Can you stack fortitude gems so that if you meet the conditions to activate them you essentially have 300 extra life?


I wouldn’t recommend attack gems at all. Divine speed is a bit of a waste IMO too. I usually use dual health gems and a fortitude gem, all of which activate when I’m hit by 2 special moves. This means that Marduk will gain 140 health upon being hit by 2 special moves, and get the next 100 damage cut within 15 seconds. One of the health gems can be switched out with a meter gem if you really find it necessary but I find it much better when another character builds meter for Marduk.


I use an ex power gem that add meter also after 2 launchers, and another power gem that adds after landing specials. That always happen after a launcher also. So after 2nd launch from partner he gets 2 buffs. Then I run guile on point with 3 meter gain gems since he is just a bad mofo in this game. :wink: this team seems better and better by the day.

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OK so I changed some gems. 2 fortitude, activated when bit by combo over 5 hit and when hit by 3 special moves. 3rd gem, 30% damage when in Pandora. These are working awesome for me.

He is teamed with guile, and guile has 2 meter gems, and the same Pandora gem. Anyone want to play, hit me up on XBL.

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Not Marduk in the video but I use the same loadout with him, just swap Ryu with Marduk basically.


I am using:

Motivation 272: 200 EX instant recovery when connecting 5 normals => guaranteed EX Take Down when hit confirming in the bginning of the round or after meter heavy tag in
Motivation 276: 200 EX instant recovery when connecting 1 EX special => hit one EX, get almost one meter back, very handy for EX Suplex abuse
Harmonize 200: 60 health instant recovery when down to 50% => effectively lifting Marduks Health from 1050 to 1110

I really like the TCs shoto/zoning set up also using speed; need to experiment with something like that on my own.


I don’t really get why people use vitality gems. Why not just use a fortitude gem and knock 100-130 damage off your opponents combo? Especially good if they’re wasting meter on switch cancels and not actually getting any damage.

But yeah, most of the posts in this thread were made before motivation gems came out, so theres not really much point in gem discussion anymore, unless someone can think of a reason not to use them? They’re way better than all the other gems.