They say if you put in enough practise it works, but...could this work?


So I’ve been playing mid/top tier teams but I’m pretty bored now its low risk high reward etc etc…I mainly just play online so try not to pop off at me.

Recently just watched Armshouse stream and noticed EU use has a lot of versatile team match ups not just your general top tier boring shit, and their composition was interesting.

So just got me thinking if i could make a weird team, learn some new tech and just baffle minds? Thinking of giving marvel some love as its way less seen imo, so can anybody give me some theory craft of what they think of this team composition?

My Bnb’s Skrull so i’ll keep him as my anchor but i was thinking of putting spidey on point and either deadpool/ironman as an assist? Seen alot of good tech for ironman/spidey/deadpool coming out latley and wondered if any of the three could work together?

So Spidey Ironman/Deadpool Skrull, views on if it could work? If not reasons why? Thanks people :wink:


or i was toying with Spidey/dpool/stryder


Welcome to SRK!

Please enjoy the team-building thread: