Thibking about creating a short throw joystick..w

when i say short throw, i mean literally 2mm or 1mm before microswitch contact. its all personal preference i suppose, but to those using or who have short throw sticks, how does it feel?

Too short and you are hitting diagnols you didn’t intend very easily.

I have a Fanta I believe they have the shortest throw, since the actuator is literally pressed up against the micro switches. It takes some getting use to, but I am thinking about dremeling it a little to give it small corners since it has no restrictor.

hmm interesting, can you please post a link to the particular fanta stick that you have? these are korean sticks right?

Magnetick Joystick on short balltop have 2mm egngage
good only for shmups

Fanta has very long throw and engage

lol, i googled fanta and got about 6 images from your site.

funnily enough i used these a few days ago at my arcade, its on the sf4 cabinets. yeah it does feel really responsive but the springback seems really slow, thats the only problem.

on closer observation, the throw isnt small at all because you still get lag after it connect to the actuator, before it hits a corner.