Thief Thread: What's yours is mine


So the recent revealing of a new Thief game reminded me of this series and that I always wanted to play it. So I went and got the first 3 Thief games and man…shit’s kickin my ass in the best ways possible. Took me 3 nights to get to chapter 3 with plenty of screw ups in the first two chapters, especially Cragcleft Prison…fuck man, those Hammerites don’t fuck around, and those hammers HURT!

Anyway this was mostly an excuse to talk about the Thief series, be it the first 3 games or the new upcoming one.

To touch on Thief 4 I think it’s looking pretty promising. Being Developed by the guys who did Deus Ex Human Revolution which I really liked, I’m looking forward to it. I’m really happy the “Thief Vision” can be disabled permanently, something I’ll be doing when I play. I also hope we can disable a lot of the other HUD elements as well, like the pick pocket timer thing when he robs people of their purses. Only thing I’m not liking about the new one is the exp system…Why does everything have to have an exp system anymore? Buying shit with the cash you get from shit you fence should be enough honestly…

Anyway I’m definitely a new fan of this series


So bout 3 hours later and I finally have Thieves Guild under my belt. I totally missed going to the first guys Mansion to get the safe key and had to figure out how to back track all the way around then come back through the Casino and sneak into the first house, then go all way back to the second one and steal the vase lool. It took fo fuckin ever but was really dope, and I finally got it done.

Constantin’s Mansion is next. I hear bonkers shit about this guys house.

Edit: Went right ahead and banged out Constantine’s Mansion…[details=Spoiler]whoaly shit this place is bonkers. Rooms built upside down and side ways, a fuckin forest growin all over the inside of his mansion. Fuck there was a room where all the furniture was HUGE. I was the size of an ant at best compared to everything in this room.[/details]…Shit was crazy. I snagged the sword and got the fuck outta there lool.


Computer specs for Thief 4 released.

I also really like how much control you have over the games UI.

I wish more games would let you do this.


More gameplay for Thief, coming out next month, Feb 25th. Showcasing multiple routes through maps, as well as combat options.


I’ve loved the Thief series ever since I played the demo disc for the first game back in 1998. Shit had me hooked, I immediately bought the game as soon as I saw it available. Yeah, the game gets ridiculously crazy, and the game is sooo fucking scary at times. I swear, certain missions had me shit my pants and one mission even had me yell really loud. No game ever had me sucked in so much, no survival horror ever made me yell out in fear. The game forces you to panic especially once you get a mess of Hammerites chasing you or worse, those fucking zombies. Ugh, Cragscleft’s intro with the fucking zombies and that god damned part where you have to steal that horn from the undergound in the 3rd mission. Cragscleft was still one of my favorite missions though.

Thief left a huge impression on me, I clearly remember a bunch of stuff about the game. Same with Thief 2! Thief 3, not so much, they fucked with too much shit in that game. But Thief 1 and Thief 2? Fucking masterpieces. 2 of my favorite games ever.

Plus, the dialogue. Sometimes you hear the best shit when you lay in the shadows and just listen to the guards talk. Especially in Thief 2, there is a great dialogue in one of the levels I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s worth hearing.

Now I’m itching to play the games again.

You’ll have to check out Dishonored. Inspired by Thief. I have yet to play it but it’s sitting on a shelf just waiting.


I actually beat Dishonored on the 1st of January. Was really cool, liked it a lot. I need to do a Chaos run. Game wasn’t perfect, i still liked it quite a bit.