Thing that upset you while being gen

Tons of things can upset you but you can only name one. try to be vs character specific since we know we internally can be upset by anything

1.Zangief’s fucking headbutt.
WTF is with that. oga. headbutt. ult 2 crane. headbutt. crane super… (oh yes…) headbutt. WTF?
and im complaining about the INSANE stun on it. whats with that. why am i stunned in under 3 seconds.
seriously now. who throws a headbutt in the sky. chris benoit is dead

I pretty much am fine with all the characters and the movesets, but there is one thing I just don’t get with Gen:


Seriously, everytime you anti-air with crane it will trade like 75% of the time unless your opponent doesn’t time there jump in right or some shit. It’s really bothering me lately especially against high stamina characters who will gladly trade all day. I was hoping this would be fixed in AE, but unfortunately it is not.

It’s not just crane, some other moves seem to trade rather frequently sometimes aswell.

landing frames stance change glitch.

with no safe chains in crane, and the landing glitch, its really risky to cross someone up in crane

Yeah, plus Gen always loses in trades.

That is my whole point…obviously.

i personally detest crane jabs

His win quotes. Fck the netherworld crap.

I put his voice in Japanese, way better that way. Sounds cooler because I don’t know what he is saying that way.

eh i like both his English and Japanese voice, that why i tend to switch between the two a lot.

but i do hate trading with a high level stamina character.
the gief fight is either you fuck up once there goes a good chunk of your heath and if you do keep him out it can still be bad of any trades you get.

being knocked out of my oga and ult 2 by every single one of ryus jumping attacking. be it neutral or jump in or even jump out.
shotos and everybody in general for that matter but SPECIFICALLY ryu. is it because i fight 80% ryus or what?
idk but the fact that ultra 2 mantis is garbage and ultra crane 2 can be knocked out of is just insane. why do they dislike gen so much at capcom. i have theories but thats another story

Trading. Meter gain.

I’m not touching gen until AE comes out for xbox. Until then I’ll be playing seth to get his j.hp out of my system.

You should also play without his divekick and don’t use U2 for chipdamage KO, since those have been removed pretty much aswell :frowning:

I hate accidentally doing Crane’s crouching HK when I whiff a combo or forget what stance I’m in.

“Oh damn, I whiffed with that? Well, here’s five minutes for you decide what to punish me with while I slowly rest both of my feet on the ground. Take your time.”

trades… slow stance changes… gekiro whiffs…rolls not be safe… None of his moves are safe really. :frowning: I need 2 stop playing online so much.

haha i hate that too.

he jumping into time to switch to crane to anti air him wtf, i am still in mantis. NOOO KO

lol I almost forgot (and rickytocky reminded me) the shittiest ultra in the entire game

and charging time for his charge moves too, compared to other charge characters… awful

Why would you switch to crane if someone jumps in on you just to anti-air? Might as well use mantis s.hp in thst case, if only to not risk what you’ve just described.

I hate combos that require a fast stance change. In fine with stuff like crane crouching light kick into mantis super, but jump in crane, mantis links into crane roll is just obnoxious.

also whats the point of ultra 1 crane. seriously. in any situation ultra 1 mantis would land too… it would do more damage to do mantis ultra. has a better chance to hit… i mean ultra crane 1 at this point has almost no point really. and since its so slow why does its damage suck so much.

You can punish and jump in, and air to air shakudan ° free crane U1. It is also useful in the honda match/up due to the infamous Option select.