Things I drew and stuff

Yeah, um, fighting game stuff… I’ve got some, but it’s, like, all ecchi and stuff. In a bondage kind of way. Look! Comics!

And I have this as well. And maid-ness.

Okay, here’s my archive. Fair warning, it’s got, like, some stuff ranging from PG-13 to R. Hopefully I’m not flagrantly violating the rules.

I thought you were just joking about the bondage thing…

Boy was I wrong.

This is no joke! I never tell joke in my life! Happy happy happy!

For those who don’t live in Berkeley, yeah, it’s like, my thing. I include it in my drawings because I’m a per–I mean, to represent the repression imposed on people by the gender roles socialized into them from early childhood. And stuff.

eh… the bondage stiff is kinda stretching acceptability limits in terms of subject matter, but at least there’s no nudity. Howabout you keep bondage themes (esp with near-naked women) out of any fan art you post up here and we call it even?

EDIT: btw welcome to the board :slight_smile:

Man your art is really strange. I think it’s cool!

I think the Gundam ideas comic was my favorite. The Link Park quote and the guy snorting Coke. Very weird Humour. :clap: :tup:

Hi there MM. It’s me, Photon. I must say you’re really…passionate about this whole bondage thing. I’ve also seen you progress to coloring and become neater with regards to colors and lines. Props to you for not giving up, and for trying and having a lot more confidence than I. Needless to say I’ve become disenchanted with the HerV ‘showcase your art’ thread a long time ago.

Original character stuff.

Christmassy stuff.

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This is a step in the right direction, man. Don’t be afraid to do new poses and don’t be afraid to draw hands and feet more often. ^^;