Things I need the know that I can find online

I realize I f’ed up my title, I meant to say “Things I need to know that I cant find online”

I’m trying to figure out a couple things that I can’t seem to find help with in videos and online. I don’t know all the 2D fighter online resource sites. So please don’t flame if the info I’m asking for is ready available somewhere else…

Terms I don’t understand:
option (select) parry
Red Parry
"Empty" as in empty dive kick etc.
What is the purpose of a KARA throw or Kara in general?

Actions I don’t understand:
how to and what does it mean to cancel a move? (any move for that matter)
e.g. SA1 xx c.LK

What is Akuma’s demon flip? (a vid would help with this)

Things I never can land
A meaty! they always block it on their wakeup, i thought some of these were unblockable…

Kara throws (mainly focusing on akuma from 3S)

Damn, here I go:

-UOH=Universal Over-Head: An attack that can’t be blocked while crouching and can combo into super with some characters if done at max range. Press medium punch + medium kick at the exact same time to activate it.

-Option select parry: You know what parrying is (I’m assuming) so let’s just get into option select: Option selecting is the act in which you do something ambiguous and the game’s CPU chooses the most desirable option for you. This happens in more than just 3rd Strike (wavedashing in TTT, for example) and a mastery of it is easily one of, if not THE, best strats in the game. There are many different ways to OSP but basically you attempt to parry and then do something immediately after that would benefit you if your parry was successfull or unsuccessful. I’ll go into more detail later.

-Red parry is as simple as it sounds. It’s a parry in which the flash is not blue, but red. It occurs when you go from blocking directly to parrying (like parry the third hit of Ken’s third super art after blocking the first two). You have to return your joystick/pad to neutral for a split second before parrying, which makes red parrying much harder than blue parrying, but necessary to prevent chip damage (damage you take while blocking) and very effective in intimidating your opponent.

-“Empty” is the concept of doing a move (probably an attack) without the intention of actually hitting your opponent. These are usually bait moves or simply psyche out your opponent and give you the opportunity to make an opening and/or do massive damage.

-The purpose of Kara techniques is attacking your opponent from an abnormally large range and further, from a position in which your opponent might not expect. If they DO expect a kara throw, and attempt to defend against it, and you DON’T try to Kara throw them, they’ll be left wide open to big damage. Chun Li is severly good at this, because her Kara throw has the most range and her normal attacks are the exact same way.

-Cancelling is the act of transitioning from one move to another. Not to be confused with kara cancelling which cancels the initial frames of a move and is a glitch.

x=special move cancel
xx=super art cancel

Actually the abbreviations might as well be interchangeable because so long as you say what you’re cancelling into no one should be confused. It’s not like Ken, for example, has a special move called “sa3”.

Akumas demon flip is one of two things:

It’s either referring to :dp::k: and any button pressed after that. or :dp: :lp:+:lk:, a move in which Akuma grabs and actually flips his opponent. watch that jump Akuma does at 00:08, that is a demon flip dive kick.

Meaties aren’t unblockable. Meaties prevent your opponent from attacking you with a special move the instant they get up. Some moves can’t be meatied.

Akuma’s kara throw is

:r: :mp: ~ :lp::lk:

Meaning that you press forward + medium punch and almost immediately afterward press the throw command (light punch + light kick). It’s not hard after you get the hang of it. You’ll wonder how you ever had problems in the first place.

OMG thank you so much, and thank you for making it understandable also!

…More on the option select parrying:

You seem to show some extra interest in Akuma so I’ll explain one of Akuma’s option selects and SGGK’s (I have no idea what that stands for but it’s used to indicate option select parrying).

The basic idea with all SGGK’s is to do a low parry attempt, then immediately attempt a kara throw. The move kara cancelled must also be a normal that can combo into a super. If done properly here’s what happens:

A: If the parry is succesful, the kara throw won’t come out (I’m not sure whether to call this a glitch or an actual component of 3s that works properly, since kara cancels are glitches themselves) and the normal you WOULD be kara cancelling hits the opponent up close. At this point you should be able to react to the parry freeze and combo into super. Parrying and then immediately doing a kara throw is easy as hell; it’s your reflexes that makes all the difference.

B: The parry is unsuccesful: The kara throw either connects or doesn’t (if they do a throw escape) and both combatants are set to normal.

Now for a character specific SGGK:

With Akuma go for a low-parry attempt then press:

:r: :mp: ~ :lp:+:lk:, :lp: :lp: :df: :lk: :hp:

That first bit (as you can probably recognize) is Akuma’s kara throw. I’ll tell you right now; it’s not easy without practice (HarmoNaz/Pherai still have trouble but el_diablo, ESN, DarkTien, RTSD have had some success) and the buttons have to be pressed incredibly fast (just use a joystick; don’t even bother with a pad) but it’s amazingly useful if mastered. The second half (maybe you can tell what that is by now) is the input for a Raging Demon (albeit a tad modified). Here’s what ought to happen:

A: If the parry is successful, Akuma will do a :r: :mp: that will cancel into a Raging Demon. Serious business.

B: If the parry is unsuccesful, Akuma will do a kara throw (his is among the best in the game).

Just curious, Jida. Any reason why you would press down-forward instead of just forward in the Ragin Demon button sequence?

So you don’t have to return to nuetral. Going from forward to df will count as another forward input for the demon.

because you don’t need to go back to neutral to do a raging demon. so going from :r: to :df: is way faster than going from :r: to neutral then back to :r: .

Or you can do :uf:, if that’s more your style.

Meaties aren’t unblockable, rather they stuff your opponents getting up options.

Yeah right now Im stuck using a pad, until I can find a reasonably priced stick.