Things I should improve on? (vids inside)

Here’s two vids:

What things should I improve on?

Good overall game, work on anti-air and bait outs, I’d say.

Vid 1 game 1:

poke chun to death she may be able to roll, but she still can’t do shit.
guard bars were flashing at 1 percent and you didn’t crush them.

Maybe its just me, but with vega when your close to the opponent or they roll into you, i prefer to use over id rather use for situations when you’re further away. plus cant some chars punish even if it hits or am i thinking of something else?

You dropped a few customs at the end, and you miss some anti airs but in general it’s pretty good. Just keep playing and perfect what you are doing, you have the right idea just a few execution things here and there.

Yeah I kinda missed a few customs that I don’t miss lol…but my execution is pretty good during crunch time. Thanks for all the replys and comments…keep em’ coming! You guys are gonna make me a better player.

vid 2 game 1:

-Guard meter was flashing all over the place and you did nothing.
-Chun has no anti crossup other than jump back fierce, which sucks in that situation because it’ll put her in the corner anyway. So just crossup xx elec all day with Blanka.

  • Vega vs. Sakura is a bitch of a fight for Sakura, but all you need really is one knockdown, then start the crossup guessing games.
  • When Sagat jumps in, AA him.

you’re doing fine, just brush up on execution and stop trying to hp ball full screen projectiles…they only got hit cuz they walked forward, you’re putting yourself at risk of being supered for 1500 damage

other than that, you’re doing everything right, but do take the GC more often

except with vega, it doesn’t really matter with vega, you can keep their guard low to just throw them into an unfavorable mindset, and when you do GC the best you can do is a 1600 throw anyways (unless c lk st hk is stronger, or if you have CC)

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