Things I still can't get down

Hey all, I’ve been playing SSF4 for a good bit now, and I’d love to eventually be great. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m pretty bad. There’s definitely a few things that I notice that I have trouble with. The first is linking… i can never seem to get the timing right. The second is blocking… I’m really awful at defense. I always find myself crouching or something instead… any tips on hand positioning on a stick that could help me stay standing more?

Linking and such is all about practice. Figure out the right timing and work at it to get it down consistently.

Blocking is something you just need to learn as you go on. Just remember that low attacks need to be blocked low, almost all aerial attacks need to be blocked high, and overhead attacks need to be blocked high, as well.

I still can’t get down from this tree. I’ve been stuck up here for like two days now. Thank goodness I’m picking up wi-fi. I emailed my dad last night so hopefully help will come soon.