Things I wish UMvC3 Ryu could improve on



Since these forums are dead, might as well throw out a wish list of modifications to Ryu. Maybe one day the Marvel 3 team will come back and modify him:

  • Slight raise in damage scaling (1-2% increase), during Hado Kakusei a.k.a. Denjin mode. Mainly for more practical damage applications.
  • Return to neutral state from using Air Tatsu M/H. Sacrificing a meter to make Ryu safe hurts.
  • Modify the properties of Baku Hadoken so that has at least 1-2 of these things:
  • Faster Startup on air/ground
  • Better durability (or change to medium priority) Considering the startup time, I expected this fireball to have better durability than 5 points.
    • Easier to combo from any point of the screen w/o using x-factor/meter*
  • Penetrates opponents (for nailing assists)
    • Invincible startup similar to hado shoryuken.*
  • While in Denjin mode, have 1 of the 2 Hypers hit OTG. They certainly look like they should.
  • Allow the startup of Hado SRK to be hyper cancelable.

Aside from that (and unless Ryu gets more hidden surprises) I’m fairly satisfied with this version.


I’d like exploding hadouken to have more durability, and for his j.M to have a longer untechable time, somewhat like how it is in the Street Fighter series. That’s about it.


Allowing the startup of hado SRK to be hyper cancel-able would be a good buff. Really sucks that you cant follow it up with beam super up because you aren’t allowed to activate hypers until hes off the ground.


Mid-screen command grab, triple jump, automatic hidden missiles


denjin mode to last more than 4 seconds? I never see any body really using it.


thats because as you said it barely lasts and it isnt a good follow up(wolverine has berserker slash and Vergil aswell) to anything other than fireball and even then the timing is really strict and the person has to be within dashing distance. I guess you can chop it up to another buff he needs and that would be to extend the stun from a fireball or even better have a better recovery making him easier to zone and at the same time to have 0 frames of delay after activation of denjin mode to allow him to not get punished.


Actually, there is a brief time where you can cancel it into a HC, but you must do it before he hits =/

Like Dr.Slouch said, more untechable time on j.M would be interesting, but I’d prefer to be able to block and attack after an airborne Tatsumaki, just like in his TvC incarnation =)


I thought this was just with a regular Shoryuken, not the S one?


You can cancel Hadou Shoryuken into any of his HCs if you’re still on the ground.
However, if you hit the opponent with the Hadou Shoryuken, you can only cancel it into an airborne Shinkuu Hadouken.
As I’ve said before, there is a small window where you can cancel it into, for example, the Hadou Kakusei, but you must do it a few frames before Ryu rises.


I got it recorded:

Check on 10:30



I know this is a 2 year old thread but…what they could do?

Make Ryu 100x better then he is now. It’s absolutely pathetic that the last “good” Ryu incarnation was Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, and he was only solid, not even great. His only Great competitive version was from X-Men vs Street Fighter, and to be honest, I don’t know why Capcom tries to make him SF like when they should make him have either stronger offensive capabilities or else give him superior zoning capabilities.

Tired of seeing Ryu in the VS series either being mediocre to being downright terrible in such a way that he’s not being selected at competition because he’s not a good character.


I believe Ryu is a good character and I shall try to prove that this year at EVO.